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This article provides franchise information on Personal Training institute that can help you learn and understand about how to become a franchisee.

The country’s health and fitness industry is on a boom nowadays. In fact, figures show that there are more than 43 million Americans who belong to physical fitness and health clubs or gyms.

This consequently leads to an annual revenue of more than $18.5 billion dollars. Basing on the figures alone, it is undeniable that franchising a fitness center or institute is a sure-win idea.

With the philosophy, “Our focus on results gets results”, Personal Training Institute or otherwise known as PTI has been a life-changing partner to many Americans since its establishment in 1987. This has been made through a combination of a highly individualized and personalized strength training and nutrition guidance and counseling for each and every client. Because of this, members are assured of losing unwanted weight. More than that, the institute helps them maintain it. Aside from that, PTI highlights a workforce of seasoned exercise physiologists and registered nutritionists and dietitians to help in the creation of an effective client program with a success rate of 80%.

PTI, with its unique health and fitness approaches and client centeredness, has continued to grow in terms of brand recognition, client memberships, and expansion. These make PTI a franchise opportunity that aspiring entrepreneurs should not miss.

Who can be potential franchisees of Personal Training Institute? Anyone can be a franchise owner of PTI. Being does not require specialized knowledge in exercise, fitness and health, although knowledge of it can be helpful. Becoming a franchise owner of PTI includes a training and instruction on fitness and nutrition. Also, as part of becoming a certified franchisee, you will also be taught to become a trainer.

How much is needed in the start-up of a Personal Training Institute franchise? The initial investment required is estimated to the amount of $150,000. It is inclusive of the initial franchise fee of $20,000, other start-up expenses, equipment, and supplies. However, depending on the location or territory as well as the operation size, the costs may vary. A liquid asset of not less than $50,000 is required of qualified potential franchise owners. There is a 6% royalty fee of the gross revenues for each location. Moreover, the franchise term agreement expires in 10 years. After which, it can be renewed for two terms with a span of five years each.

What is included in the franchise? As a franchisee of PTI, you will receive continuous support. It may take in the form of site planning, hiring competent and qualified employees, purchasing of fitness equipment and supplies, training and many more. And, when your very own PTI becomes operational, there will be Franchise Field directors who will provide you hands-on assistance and support in running your business. They are readily easy to reach to answer and troubleshoot problems you may have. Also, a PTI website for franchise owners will also be made available for you. This will provide you with the necessary information you may need in the operation of your unit. As far as marketing is concerned, your business will also be provided with top of the line marketing and advertising materials to encourage new memberships as well as membership renewals.

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