Starting a Movie Rental Business

If you are thinking of a business that can help augment your income, starting a movie rental business could be the right choice. However, you need to ensure that you should be competitive in the industry.

This kind of business also offers other business opportunity.

Starting a movie rental business is a good start if you want to train as an entrepreneur. If you love movies and have the interest on engaging in business, you can start movie rental. Although it needs to develop a business plan yet it does not require you to become an expert in the industry. Hard work is the key and the rest will be learned as the business progresses. Almost everyone loves to watch movies yet they do not have enough time to watch it in movie houses. In this sense, they will just opt to rent their favorite movies and watch it in their homes.

Things to Do

First and foremost, you need to obtain license that will allow you to rent movies. You can contact companies where you can purchase the license. The license is important so that movie producers could not sue you for violating the copyright laws. The next step is to look for movie wholesaler where you can buy videos. There are lots of wholesalers that you can find either in your local area or through the internet. Partnership with wholesaler would reduce your cost in building the inventory.

The next step that you should do is to find for strategic location where you can set up your movie rental business. As much as possible you should choose a location near local schools and young professionals who can be your prospect clients. The ideal place that you choose should be enough to accommodate the videos and other movie memorabilia. Movie posters should be posted at the front of your shop to attract avid movie watchers. In addition, in order to attract more customers it would be ideal to create movie-rental website and at the same time partner with companies that offer online video-rental. On the other hand, you should not envelope your business in movie rentals; you should broaden your business such as offering downloadable songs and audio books.

To reduce the cost in manpower, you can buy DVD vending machine. In this way, you need not hire staff yet you need to monitor the availability of DVDs so that you can refill it immediately. Another thing that you should invest when running a movie rental business is the POS hardware and software. Likewise, you can encourage your customer to avail the membership cards to be used in special offers. It is also ideal to mount TVs connected to DVD players where you can play movies in your movie rental shop. Above all, to stay in the market you should offer a competitive price without compromising the services.

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  • moeketsi petrus modise said on February 7, 2016
    I am MOEKETSI petrus modise young male who would like to start movie rental business,I am from south Africa in a north west province. City called Rustenburg (luka). I need more information as soon as possible.


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