Start an Arcade Game Rental Business

If you want to start an arcade game rental business, you will need to study the market thoroughly. After this, you can now develop a business plan. Secure the needed financing and licensing.

Find a supplier of the arcade games and offer the best to customers. Advertise the business using the right methods.

Arcade Game Rental Business

People love games, whether young or old. Today, arcade games are available in over 20,000 versions and they provide excellent entertainment for almost all occasions. An arcade game rental business is a great way to make money. With the right plan and adequate capital, you’re sure to succeed. The arcade games may use tokens and tickets which makes it ideal for various parties, carnivals, corporate events, fundraising, church festivals, and private parties. You need to establish connections in your local area so that you can easily attract clients and get referrals.

The first thing that you have to do is develop a plan. A detailed business plan can be used to secure financing. You see, with this kind of business, you will need to purchase several arcade game machines. Each machine can be costly but if you purchase in bulk, you may be able to find the best deals. Find a supplier of these arcade games online and save a lot of money. Find a location. You will need a large business space to house the arcade games. Your customers will surely want to see how the game looks like, so be prepared for demos. You can arrange the game machines by types.

Licensing, Installation, and Advertising

Secure a business license from the concerned office in your country or state. Try to inquire if there are special permits that you need to obtain to operate this type of business and if zoning requirements apply. You have to address all legal requirements beforehand to avoid problems in the future. Arrange and design the interior of the business office, appropriately. The theme should match with the kind of business you’re running. Hire some staffs to assist you in the operations. You also need to purchase a van or small truck for the delivery and pick up of the arcade game machines.

To ensure the safety and proper use of the arcade games, you will need to provide full logistics support on the venue. Your staffs should assist in the installation and operation. After the event or party, it is also your responsibility to uninstall it. Decide whether cleanup is still included in your services or not. Advertise the arcade game rental in your local area through flyers, business cards, and signage. You can also secure business insurance to protect your assets. With the right management techniques, you will surely be able to succeed in this type of business. Learn everything you can about the business before you develop the plan.


  • Tawfik mansour said on December 3, 2010
    I am very interested to create an arcade game machines center in my country .i have the excellent location and i concluded that such business will be profitable in case i succeed to RENT the machines to enable me to change these machines from time to time. CAN YOU ASSIST ME TO FIND THE APPROPRIATE SUPPLIER TO RENT ME THESE MACHINES.?? THANKS AND REGARDS, SAMMAN investment and development co, Amman Jordan, cell no 00962 79 55 999 28
  • Ashok said on June 10, 2011
    I am from India and interested in starting up a Arcade game center... Cell no. 91 9790927465
  • Boi gaobinelwe said on August 11, 2011
    I am an ambitious, business minded young lady. Recently i had an idea of starting an entertainment arcade in my country since i hv never seen any. I have already started with my business plan. I will appreciate it if i can get tips on this business. City: Gaborone, country: Botswana
  • D.Prasanna kukmar said on April 23, 2012
    i am from india ,i want to establish a arcade game rent shop please give m some business tips..cell no;919652930045
  • nonhlanhla madlala said on June 19, 2012
    i have already opened arcade game place but don't have enough staff got this one somewhere in dbn. pls help where can i get new one.
  • chandan oberoi said on October 28, 2012
    hi, we have an F.E.C at Indore, Madhya pradesh, India, looking for some video game arcades , other details can be discussed, regards, chandan oberoi. 09826214519
  • Mubanga lawrence Chanda said on August 16, 2013
    I'm seeking tips and ideas on how to setup and start up a gaming arcade in my locality. i am a very eccentric guy and i believe i was born for this. mubanga, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Sajid Khatib said on July 26, 2014
    I am seeking advice to start arcade gaming zone with an floor space around 400 sqft. I have budget of 25lac is it possible to set including interior and gaming machines in tat. i am located in belgaum city karnataka
  • Musam said on August 24, 2015
    Hi I'm from India. I want to start Arcade game rent business. Please help me some ideas & where i can get games machine.
  • Gloria Modise said on October 22, 2016
    I am planning to open arcade game store in south Africa. Kindly advise where can purchase the new one.


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