Starting a Breast Pump Rental Business

Do you think that breast milk is better than formula milk? Most moms believe this. That's why no matter how busy they are, they find ways to breastfeed their baby.

But since they still don't know if they can produce enough milk to pump, they would rather rent instead of buy. We can share with you how to start Breast Pump Rental Business.

Pretty much, a woman’s breast is a large gland that creates milk needed by the newborn baby. No infant formula can match the breast milk’s chemical design and its ability to fight free radicals and sickness. However, there are instances when moms and babies are apart from one another so breast pumps are very important tools to still continue the breastfeeding process.

Breast Pump Rental Business Plan

Even if the mom and baby are together in the same house, there is a problem faced by mothers that makes them afraid of breastfeeding – this is the difficult latching issue. Normally, infants are born with the knowledge on how to latch but there are times when the baby can’t latch properly and it will cause pain to the mother.

Therefore, there is a wide market or need for breast pumps. And most mothers are hesitant to invest on a pump without even trying it out. Starting out your breast pump rental business is a timely decision these days, especially when most moms still need to go back to work after giving birth.

Breast Pump Rental Business Guide

One significant aspect in a pump rental business is recommending the right kind of pump to suit the mother. Since there are many options that exist today, you need to understand the differences of each one:

  • Manual pumps – this is the least expensive option when the mother pumps occasionally.
  • Battery-operated pumps – more expensive compared to manual pumps but it’s not necessarily more effective.
  • Mini-electric pumps – a lot of manufacturers offer either single or double electric pumps that widely vary in performance or comfort. In evaluating these pumps, you should include several factors such as ease of use, variable levels for extraction, and various breast shield sizes.
  • Dual electric pumps – this type of pump offer proven comfort due to a powerful motor that provides good suction. It also features simultaneous collection from both of the breasts. Furthermore, it provides increased prolactin levels, reduced pumping time, and even increased milk production in most cases.
  • Hospital grade pumps – usually rented by a lactation consultant, pharmacy, and hospitals. These pumps have larger industrial motor and able to maintain as well as stimulate the milk supply of the mother.

A breast pump is a great help and even a lifesaver for most moms. Therefore, it’s up to you and your breast pump rental business to make sure that your products reach your market effectively.



  • Shenise Gerideau said on January 29, 2014
    Hello, I am owner of Asosge LLC in Charleston, SC. I would like to start a breast pump rental business and would greatly appreciate any help in doing this. Thanks, Shenise
  • Nicole Wood said on April 24, 2015
    I would like to start a breast pump rental business in Philadelphia, PA and can use any advice you can give me. Thanks, Nicole Wood


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