Start a Game Server Renting Business

Do you love to play video games or watch others play? Then a gaming business is perfect for you. Usually, game servers are developed in a standard component form found in a lot of games having multiplayer options.

After making this industry popular, hosting companies have immediately responded to a growing demand and you can find ways on how to start game server renting business here.

Game server hosting generally caters to online games in two forms – those that are operating through a series of distributed servers and those available from the main server. Typically, centralized servers are used most often to host games where thousands of users play at the same time. All necessary data about game environment is stored on the main server and available in cyberspace all the time. A player would just need a special client software to connect to the main server.

For the distributed servers technology, the software is scattered into several dedicated game servers. However, there must be a master server for this chain to control the messaging between the servers. This one is usually utilized by small businesses and enthusiasts.

Game Server Renting Business Plan

When you rent game servers, you are selling slots per month. The number of slots you have can dictate the maximum number of players hosted by your customers. Of course, the more slots you sell, the more server resources consumed by your customers.

In order to be attractive to your customers, you must target popular games such as Warcraft, Counterstrike, Doom, etc. In fact you can even upsell additional services to them such as Teamspeak or Ventrillo which are voice services rented out per slot. Majority of businesses in this industry are significantly increasing their revenue due to rapid growth of online gaming.

Game Server Renting Business Guide

For your game server renting business, you would need a dedicated and high-end server that can run multiple game servers at the same time. In addition, it needs to be run on Windows 2003 servers. There may be a few games running on Linux but majority of them runs in Windows. Definitely, you would need to purchase the authentic copy of the games you’d like to host.

Fast ping time and low latency are very important to make your business successful since users are typically looking for these features. That’s why you should connect to the fastest networks. Detailed configuration, applications tweaking, and good security are all very important as well. A great tool you can use for your game server is a software similar to the control panel such as GameCP or SwiftPanel. Since manual managing of the servers can be very time consuming and tedious, these control panels can manage your servers and clients easily.


  • sunil said on May 1, 2010
    i need a help to start this business plz provide me the investment price and the full information about this business. mumbai, india
  • papaw said on May 11, 2010
    I would like more info on starting a game server rental business, start up cost. etc.. thanks tennessee
  • Amol said on July 26, 2010
    The cost would go around Rs.8000/month in India. Think about this, will the returns be that much?
  • manpreet said on August 28, 2010
    Hi, I have a colo space in Dallas, Texas where I can host Servers, bandwidth, applications you need to use to run this business. We use Level 3 or ATT for Bandwidth and have connection to 1 GBPS
  • noel kouassi said on December 7, 2011
    I am interested in game rental business. Please to inform me about hosting server fees, and all that is necessary for the business to succeed. Thanks
  • Pratik said on May 13, 2012
    @james; hi i am Pratik. i live in Mumbai,India & want to start a game server rental business. i am a game freak & had played many MMORG so i am keen to know the requirements start to end. please give me full info about this business & total investment for it. Regards, Pratik
  • chitranjan said on October 18, 2012
    please provide a little bit more information about this


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