Starting a Doppler Rental Business

If you want to start a Doppler rental business, you should know how to use the device. Purchase quality equipment or devices, ultrasound lotion, and other essentials.

You can manage the business from home or you can also lease out space. With the right advertising campaign, you will be able to succeed and earn greater profits.

Doppler Rental Business

Expectant moms want to ensure that their babies are healthy. With today’s technological advancements, it is possible to listen to the sounds that are taking place inside the womb. This can be done through the use of a device called ‘Doppler’. Some mothers are hesitant to use such device and they often think that it’s simply an additional expense before they give birth. However, there are a greater percentage of mothers who want to listen to their baby’s heartbeat and other noises made inside the womb. This is where your business comes in – a Doppler rental business.

Like any other type of business, you need to begin with a thorough business plan. If you lack capital, you can even use it for applying for small business loans. You will need several Doppler devices that will be rented out by your clients. Make sure that you purchase quality devices to get repeat customers and referrals. The Doppler can be used almost anywhere. You can use at home, office, and while you’re driving. This is suitable for pregnant women who are already in their tenth week and onwards. You can encourage moms to take part or be involved in the growing stages of their unborn child.

Getting the Devices and Licensing

Most of the quality Doppler devices in the market use the 3 MHz probes. Aside from the device, you will also need to supply your clients with an ultrasound lotion. Existing rental businesses offer the lotion for free and it already includes return shipping. You have to offer various rental options for mothers. For instance, you can offer a monthly rental rate. Clients can rent the product for a month, 2 months, 3 months, and so on. You have to come up with special deals for mothers to convince them to rent the device for several months or until they finally give birth.

You can run the business online and locally. If you decide to market your services online, you should talk with a shipping company to help you with your shipping needs. Consult with the government agency in your country or state and inquire about the licensing requirements. Submit the necessary documents and pay the fees. Promoting the business locally and online is very important especially before the opening. You can send out flyers or leaflets about the Doppler rental service. Another option would be hold a seminar of all the pregnant women in your area. Attendees will have a chance to see the device and hear the sample sounds.


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