Luxury Yacht Charter Rent

If you are on a corporate meeting, vacation or partying at Alaska, Florida, Bahamas, San diego, Miami or Greece then you might want to rent a luxury yacht to achieve the pinnacle of fun. Price charged to rent a yacht, bareboat or fishing boat depends on the level of luxury and facilities provided with it.

A luxury yacht is like a personalized hotel on water. Luxury yachts are often outfitted for grandeur, splendor and comfort. Unlike a boat cruise, luxury yachts cater only to one group of people at a time.

If you wish it, you may even have the yacht, complete with its crew, at your singular disposal. Exploration and relaxation on the waters is admittedly a unique concept which many luxury yacht charter companies bank on.

Luxury yachts are so expensively furnished that many are called (and deservedly so) “floating palaces.” The aim of these companies is to take make the journey more memorable than the destination.

There are different kinds of luxury yacht charter services - as many as the types of yachts in the market like catamaran, motorsailers, motor yachts, sailing yachts and of course the mega yachts. All of them share one trait: you need to book your name in advance, preferably months early. Availability of the yachts, especially during the peak tourist season, may be a problem. Also, since luxury yacht rental is fitted to specifications of elegance and comfort, the luxury yacht charter company will try to follow your desired “arrangements” as faithfully as possible.

Mega yachts have the most overwhelming charter services available. The yachts are usually more than a hundred feet long; they can have any or all of these amenities: beauty salon, children’s playroom, dance floor, fitness center, helicopter pad, Jacuzzi deck, library, massage and steam rooms, multiple suites and staterooms, plush dining room, reception hall, show lounge, sports lounge, sun lounge, swimming pool, well-stocked bars and finally, water sports equipments like jet skis, snorkeling gear and its own water ski boat. Some yachts can also house over 30 passengers and over 30 crew members. A mega yacht charter service rent can easily go from several thousand to a few million Euros.

Fortunately for those who don’t carry a few million Euros/Dollars in their bank accounts, some luxury yacht charter services offer great vacation packages that may well be in anyone’s budget, plus more. Originally, luxury yacht charter rent depends on the destination and other amenities that the customer specifies. It also depends whether you want a crew to go along on the yacht or not. Rent for this kind of service is still available, of course, but they do have much steeper price tags. They also come with an assortment of trailing expenses like insurance coverage and the likes.

These days, in a bid to get a larger customer base, luxury yacht charter companies offer their own travel itinerary with added bonuses. Customers are given the freedom to travel on the yacht with all due convenience for a given span of hours and at the same time, have more off-shore amenities like hotel bookings, visits to popular aquariums, dolphin interactions, water sports amenities, etc. The only trailing expense that the customers come across is sales tax. Some “vacation packages” that include a 2-night stay in a hotel and a 4-hour all inclusive fishing charter may go for as low as $1,700. Other vacation packages, with other bonuses may be priced (on average) around $4,000.

It is best to see beforehand what different luxury yacht companies are offering so that you can compare and get the best deals possible. You have to remember too that prices often fluctuate according to seasons. You may want to ask luxury yacht companies for off-season packages; they may be more inexpensive than the lot.


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