Dumpster Rental Services

Individuals, businesses and industries all go through the process of cleaning out trash one time or another. If you have a dumpster rental business, you can cater to this highly needed service. Learn from our guide the basics of what you need to know to start a dumpster rental service.

What do they need in common when a family moving out of an apartment and disposing of unnecessary household items; a supermarket with a pile of garbage; a construction company cleaning out debris?

A dumpster to bring trash to the landfill or recycling center. You can fill this demand for waste management service by starting a dumpster rental service for people, businesses, and industries that may need temporary or constant help in taking their garbage out.

Dumpster Rental Business Needs

To start a dumpster rental business you would need dumpsters, of course. One could cost more than $1,000. They come at different sizes and you would need several sizes to cater to the different needs of clients. Some may be disposing small items like furniture, others heavy things like ceramic tile or bricks, and still others may be moving out light but bulky trash, like tree shrubs. Dumpsters can be 12 feet long or longer. You would also need delivery trucks where the dumpsters are loaded so that they can be brought to the city landfill. You would also need communication systems like telephone, fax, and computer with Internet to get orders, service quotes, and delivery or pick up instruction. An online presence is beneficial if you want to be there 24 hours a day seven times a week to receive quote request from potential clients. You can also provide a toll free number for people to call for information or client service to answer the questions of those interested in renting a dumpster.

Dumpster Rental Fees

You have to determine how much you would charge for the rent of your dumpsters. The fees will depend on the size of the material for collection, the weight limit, and rental days. Usually, there is a standard rental period, a week for instance. A load of up to 10 tons could run fees of around $400. You would also need to determine what rate to charge in case the client goes beyond the dumping allowance of the rented dumpster, when he failed to return the dumpster at the date specified in the contract, when the rent is for longer periods (in this case, you can provide a discount), or when the rubbish are special materials like trees or brush or roofing shingles. If you plan to cater to smaller loads like a piece of furniture, you can also provide express services that are priced differently from your standard offering. For all of these, you need to determine how you would accept payment for the rent and put systems to carry this out. Payment may be through credit or debit card, check, or cash.


  • Damiern White Sr, said on May 26, 2009
    Hi I'm looking to open up another business. I already have a dump truck business. I'm wondering if this would be a good fit for me and how much would I need to start? Thanks for your help Damiern,,,
  • Richard Wake said on May 25, 2010
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  • Carl Washington said on March 7, 2015
    i would like to start my own dumpster rental service in Philadelphia,Pa
  • jim moore said on October 7, 2015
    I want to start a dumpster rental business in the south Little Rock area.How do I research market size compared to dumpster size needed per market and how big is the market? Jim
  • Jack said on October 27, 2015
    I want to open a homebase dumpster rental with a very strong online presents. How can I start a dumpster rental business asap?
  • Freeman beginner adviser said on March 23, 2018

    @Damiern White Sr, email me thestartupgenie@gmail.com I have questions about the dumptruck biz.  I am in Las Vegas, NV.


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