How to Start a Video Game Rental Business

Video game rental businesses have flourished tremendously since the creation of Pac-Man and Pong. Modern technology, such as video game rentals, influenced many entrepreneurs to engage in business.

Staying in the business competitively is possible as long as you have the best offers.

Starting a Video Game Rental Business

If you are considering having your video game rental store, knowing the necessary aspects of the business is essential. Nowadays, many enjoy watching films from the comfort of their homes by renting videos. This is also true with video games, to which many people are addicted. Video games allow them to play the game at their preference. This means that anyone can play the game anytime he or she wants. Likewise, you should provide a unique selection and great prices so your business will flourish.

Open the Video Store

Before opening a video store, it is essential to create a business plan where you can include all the details of your video games rental business. You should pay attention to your competitors so that you will determine whether or not you can deal with them with less difficulty. Aside from video rentals, you should also offer services such as DVD cleaning, video game sales, and video equipment rental to make you stand out among your competitors. In addition, the best location you should choose is a retail space near the local college and young professionals. They are prolific video renters. Make sure that the space can accommodate more displays of videos as well as can accommodate more customers.

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In addition, you should use point-of-sale software and hardware that you can use to restock and easily rent videos. An equipment credit card reader, a barcode scanner, and a computer at your checkout counter are also necessary. Make sure that the POS has the capability to maintain the tallies of inventory end-day reports and can print customized receipts. You can also invest in membership cards you can offer your customers. The ID cards should have the customer’s name, the date of becoming a member, and the bar codes.

Moreover, the next step that you should do is to research wholesalers of video games that can distribute copies in your store. Nevertheless, calculate and determine the number of video games you can stock on the shelves. Make sure to stock the latest films that can attract the attention of different groups. Avoid video games and DVDs of poor quality, as they can affect your business in the long run. In like manner, you should not forget one of the essential aspects of running a business: promoting the business through creative marketing. Ask for help from your customers in promoting your business through word of mouth.


  • CECILIA IMBOELA said on May 17, 2012
    Interested in setting up a video game rental business in Zambia. Kindly assist me with information as to where I can purchase a good POS system and Bar Codes and also how to print membership codes. I am a single mother with 3 sons and I believe my children will also be interested in ensuring that the business succeeds.
  • Kevin Omondi said on February 11, 2013
    I have started A Video Rental Company Which is called PENTAGON VIDEO LIBRARY, I have Over 25 Different Branches Across my Country With Different Users. How can set User Access rights to Employers? KEVIN OMONDI" EAST AFRICA KENYA
  • Rafael said on March 20, 2013
    We want to LAUNCH a video rental business and do not know if we have to pay some rights to manufacturers like Nintendo, Sony, etc.. Regards, Rafael
  • otis said on June 6, 2014
    high school graduate in love with opening a game station but lacking funds and family support.


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