Starting a Scooter Rental Store

One of the big hits in the business industry nowadays is the scooter rental business. It is a very lucrative kind of venture since most people find scooters to be fun and easy to ride on. You can observe that a lot of people in vacation spots use scooter as their means of transportation, especially the female species.

No wonder scooter rental business is booming in these particular areas.

Nature of the Business

If you are interested in creating and establishing a scooter rental business, you must be willing to work hard for it. Also, if you are going to start it in a particular tourist spot, you efforts will be greatly demanded in peak seasons. But do not let your enthusiasm by this because your efforts will not go to waste. As what most people usually say to inspire someone, ‘you will reap what you sow’. This is particularly true in this case because all your efforts will be rewarded with financial benefits of having your own business. In addition to this, you will be offering Mother Nature your service with an average gas mileage which will range from 85 to 180 miles per gallon. This is an eco friendly factor.

Steps in Starting Your Scooter Rental Business

Starting a scooter rental business is just like any other business venture. The very first thing that you will need before establishing it is a valid local business license. In accordance to this, you also have to check if you will need a sales tax and unemployment tax account. If yes, then you might as well apply for it also. Next thing for you to do is to secure yourself insurance. Research liability insurance issues on this one. You can find loads of these stuffs in the internet. Explore also on the rental insurance for your clients. Following this is the security deposits. Determine whether you need this one or not. You also have to make sure the method of payment, the requirements in prepayment, as well as the cancellation fees.

Furthermore, along with scooters are the helmets for your customers. This is for safety and security purposes. Keep in mind that in maintaining your rental venture from plunging into the bottom of the business industry, you must ensure the safety of your customers. It must be your highest priority. Now, in buying helmets, select different sizes to accommodate all your customers, even those airheads.

Importance of Engaging the Service of a Lawyer

You also have to make a rental agreement. In this situation, you have to render the service of a lawyer, let them draft it. Aside from the rental agreement, let your lawyer also develop a bookkeeping methods for your scooter rental business. Then, create your business plan. This will generally include advertising. You might want to try online advertising, or advertising through flyers and newspapers. And the last will be for you to learn to read and understand your monthly profit and loss statement as well as your balance sheet.


  • suriya said on November 28, 2014
    Want to start a rent scooter business in hyderabad pls send me the type of license , how to recover lost vehicles modus of operandi . You may also contact on Hyderabad mobile 905 2233 004
  • Denzil Nicholls said on November 22, 2016
    Hi this is Denzil, I am interested in starting a scooter/motorcycle/bicycle rental in Varca, South Goa. What are the documents required to start the business. My email add is and my cell no. is 9167054208. Looking forward for your guidance. Thanks, Denzil.


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