Chimney Cleaning Services Business

These days people are vigilant on chimney sweep as the number of mishaps are increasing. There is a high possibility of chimney chocking due to a bird nest, dead bird, spiders and many more. It's a tedious task to clean a chimney without adequate equipments so people ask professionals to sweep their chimneys.

If you are looking for a profitable business endeavor, it will be a good idea to start offering chimney cleaning services especially if you have prior experience as a certified chimney sweep.

Here are some things that you will find helpful if you want to know how to start chimney cleaning services:

What you will need to start a chimney cleaning services business

The best thing about starting a chimney cleaning services business is that you are not required to spend a lot for the business cost if you want to offer chimney cleaning as a service based company. Unlike when engaging in a buying business, opening a service business does not require you to spend a lot of money for your investment. In the case of chimney sweep services business, for example, you merely have to finance the cost of purchasing the things that you need to start offering your services as a chimney cleaner. Among the things that you will need to set up a business in the chimney sweep service based industry are chimney cleaning equipment, chimney cleaning supplies, chimney cleaning tools, chimney sweep supplies and chimney sweep equipment. Because you are basically operating a service firm, it will also be a good idea to check out certifications and documents that are required by your local government agency for business entrepreneurs who want to have a startup service business. These requirements may include service business insurances.

Potential Earnings from Chimney Business

The potential earnings that your American chimney sweep business can have will depend on the number of times your chimney sweeps company clean chimneys and the chimney sweep cost that your new business have to spend for. It will be a good idea if you check out how other entrepreneurs who have chimney sweeps service stations charge for the services that they offer so you will have a good idea how you can do well in the chimney cleaning services trade. It is also best if you learn the basics of marketing service business so you will have an idea how you can get more clients who will avail of your firm’s services. Among the basic marketing strategies that you can make is by distributing business cards and flyers to potential clients who will avail of your chimney cleaning company’s services. Make sure that you also make a doable and well planed service company business plan as this will serve as a guide for you to do well in your chosen chimney sweeps industry.

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  • David Palm said on February 2, 2010
    First of all, the problem is not that chimneys get "dirty" enough to clean, the problem is that people who merely "clean" a chimney are janitors not certified in NFPA211 code, therefore missing the boat on what a chimney sweep is supposed to be about. Chimneys are swept primarily for integrity purposes and inner "flue" integrity assessment, any products of combustion must be removed to view the flue, and, following inspection, repairs are generally needed in an effort to render these systems safer for use than before service and inspection. The fact is that the fireplace contains fire within habitable space, with temperatures at 400 to 900 degrees. Even moderate use requires regular maintenance intervals and there is not a single fireplace on earth that is impervious to regular maintenance. SEE WWW.CSIA.ORG


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