Starting a Reiki Business

Reiki is a type of healing practice developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900's. So how do you make a business out of a healing practice? Here are the ways: build up your Reiki experience to qualify yourself as a healer, check up on your competition, and advertise your practice.

Reiki as a business?

Some people might consider that ironic. Reiki is derived from the words “rei” meaning universal energy and “ki” meaning life force; this Japanese reiki therapy practice developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900’s. In this reiki meditation, it is said that the healing energy flows to where it is needed in the body, creating suitable conditions that follows the bodily need of the individuals. Initially, Reiki was first used in Japan as a soothing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. This pacified state of the body and mind is said to eventually lead to a person to his own healing stage. And because it uses no ingestion of food, drink or drug, or entails no use of any extreme physical posture, Reiki attunements are therefore considered as the safest method of energy healing anyone can use. So now, the question remains, how to start your own massage reiki business?

There are many other healing practices in the world. Acupuncture is one, and so is Ayurveda. In some cases, people even consider yoga as a form of healing, but there are many other unnamed forms of internal cleansing rituals. Unlike acupuncture however, the practice of Reiki does not involve getting a professional license or certification. Very much like yoga, Reiki professional needs a lot of previous learning and experience before you can qualify yourself as a reiki therapist or, in this case, a healer. A reiki instructor should have a handful experience on various kinds of reiki like chakra reiki, karuna reiki, kundalini reiki, shamballa reiki and tidetan reiki as well. This helps in driving more customers to your reiki business.

If there are other businesses that run the same practice as yours reiki business, it might be best to know how much they charge for massage services. Asking too much or too little just might put off many potential customers. While you are at it, see also what other reiki services your competitors are offering aside from the Reiki treatment. You do have to remember that despite the fact that you are aiming to establish a “healing center” based on a Japanese form of therapeutic massage, some business establishments go for the holistic approach. This means that they probably have an in-house dietician or nutritionist, maybe an acupuncture doctor, massage therapists, etc.

If your finances are severely limited, and you only wish to start a Reiki business as a part-time money earning gig, these “additional” services may not be part of your immediate reiki business plans. But seeing for yourself as to how your reiki business might expand in the future may just give you a better motivation to work harder.

The only way for your future patrons to know that you are practicing Reiki “(and for the un-massaged, the values of Reiki treatments) is to advertise. Advertising doesn’t mean a full blown-out campaign involving TV guest appearances and radio jingles – although that would be a scream. You can start small. Word-of-mouth is always good, but so will flyers and home-made posters. After all, you are only starting your reiki business. You may want to add a lot of information of your flyers as to how your “patients” can benefit from Reiki, just in case they don’t know yet. If you have enough finances, reiki business cards will do great as well. Later on with the success you can think of open international centers for reiki by franchising your brand.


  • Tren Markey said on January 5, 2011
    i would like to start a mobile reiki healing career as i have completed my 1st and 2nd degree in reiki. Do i need to pay liability insurance before i get started? many thanks :) Tren
  • Kellie Jarrett said on February 22, 2011
    I currently have insurance but this protects me if I am working from home. What additional insurance do I need to be a reiki therapist? Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.
  • Angie said on April 10, 2015
    Newton, West Virginia. My experience in this state has been that Reiki (as it is not greatly understood)is not well received. I have studied and practiced Reiki for friends and family for 15 plus years and I feel that I have reached a point in my life that I must now turn to Reiki as a career. I can no longer afford to keep giving of myself and my time without compensation. I live on a heavily traveled route and at Halloween we receive over 100 people trick or treating and passed out almost all of my cards along with the candy. I received only one call that went nowhere. I am thinking of giving a free workshop at the community building in my area as an overview of energy work in general in hopes that it will blossom into some clientele. Has anyone had any luck going that route?
  • BIJU said on October 16, 2016
    I have Reiki 1 st & II nd . I need to start a Reiki healing center from home. Plz help.. mail:


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