How to Start a Landscaping Business

Landscaping business is a fast growing as well as a very lucrative profession.

Nevertheless, it is definitely a good idea to know the business well before engaging and starting one.

If you have a green thumb then working on your own garden can be very boring and not profiting as well. So, what you need is to work and profit from someone else’s garden and make use of your gift. This could be the starting point of a business where you will be successful in the future. There are some things that you must have and consider if you will engage into a landscaping business. These things are very essential if you want to be in this industry for a long period of time.

Tips when Starting

Clients are what you need first and foremost so if you already have some satisfied customers contact them. If none, then you have to market and advertise your business well and establish a good relationship with potential customers. You will rely on the word of mouth promotion with satisfied customers so you better do extraordinary landscaping designs and services. Then, check the cost of landscaping services in your area and since you are new and starting, you should lower your cost but not too much to undersell yourself. Offer bonuses like free service for people who can make referrals or discounts for new customers or free consultations and estimates for loyal customers.

Distribute fliers and stickers to your neighborhood and other places where you want your business to be known. Your truck should have the name of your business and your logo with a very visible writing of your contact number. If you have a website, include it as well. List your landscaping business in local and inexpensive internet/ phone directories under the Landscape Business Services.

Warnings and Tips

There are many states that require certification for this business so that contractors can use certain pesticides and chemicals so for safety you should get a certification by going to an inexpensive course for 6 – 8 weeks at your local college school. Aside from courses, you should also attend seminars for landscaping and read various good books about the business. For much greater chance of success in getting clients, you can also obtain trainings and gain experiences in agriculture, horticulture, and business managing. Start by getting residential clients before taking commercial accounts because you will need more promotion on commercial accounts. If you are getting more accounts then consider employing additional contractors. Do not turn down the excess business offers because this will be bad for the business. Just hire additional contractors and do all the business offers.


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    dear sir, i am pasumaivalavan from chennai start nursery business pls guide
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    My self BHUSHAN chavan I completed my certified courts in landscape garding give me some business ideas in this field.


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