Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air Duct Cleaning Services will always be in demand as long as there air ducts are being used in many modern homes and businesses. Your main priority would be to: gain technical knowledge on HVAC systems, know your suppliers, buy necessary cleaning equipment and hiring trained help.

As usual, many people think that when ventilation is installed, the machineries and the functionality of the said hardware should remain operational forever, when this should not be the case at all.

Starting an air duct cleaning service is actually one of the most essential preventive measures to maintain a healthy amount of air flow in any building structure that people often live and work in. Regular cleaning and maintenance of air ducts not only helps keep up a great living atmosphere, it also prevents hardware and machineries from breaking down due to clogging. Undoubtedly, the bill for regularly cleaning air ducts is a lot cheaper than overhauling or even replacing an entire ventilation system.

If you wish to start a business like this, the most probable question you will ask your potential customers would be, “When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?” You’ll be surprised that many of them never thought of this type of action necessary – or at least, not until the air in their domiciles gets stale and thick enough to cut with a knife.

So what exactly is an air duct cleaning service?

Gone are the days when chimney sweeps literally scrubbed the debris and accumulated grime in the exhaust vents. Of course, with the introduction of piped in air, central heating and air conditioning, air ducts are now an essential hardware for daily existence. An air duct cleaning service is a professional business venture, and is definitely more than just a long scraping broom and a vacuum machine kind of business. You need to have a license to operate such a business, and you need to have your people certified as well.

If you are starting an air duct cleaning service, the first thing you have to have is background to most (preferably all) types of HVAC systems. A good knowledge of the different HVAC systems will help you save time, help you save a lot of physical exertion, and may even net you a steady stream of patrons because of your excellent and speedy services. You don’t really need a crash course on all things HVAC. Simply ask HVAC companies or suppliers what hardware they use and how their hardware works. You can even ask what are the usual problems encountered when using their systems.

Also, by talking to HVAC companies, you can also have access to their suppliers’ names, and you can learn more technical information about the parts or components you use. You should at least have an inkling as to what “state” an air duct system remains safe to clean, and what needs replacing. A badly corroded air duct system or one in advanced stages of deterioration only poses as health and safety hazards to your cleaning crew. Also, if you attempt to even clean the vents and pass it off as a done deal, your patrons will know immediately that you did not do a great job at all. Poor work would reflect on your company’s reputation, and this won’t rake in the bucks.

An air duct cleaning service also entails its own set of cleaning hardware, and you should have a list of air duct cleaning suppliers. Equipments like these air nozzles, balloons, inspection robots, etc. do not come cheap. In fact, if you are seriously considering setting up your own air duct cleaning service, you should also have a serious financial backing just to buy the hardware necessary.

There are many air duct cleaning companies advertised in the Internet, and all of them offer a range of services at prices that almost everyone can afford. If you have a poorly equipped cleaning company, your business will be doomed from the start.

And lastly, an air duct cleaning service company is never (and should never be) a one-man operation. For the sake of safety, most cleaning services work in pair. You do need to hire professional and trained help for this kind of job.


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    i need duct cleaning equipment to start business in Chennai
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    I often try to find the best way cleaning my carpets. I discovered out that steam cleansing is among the most effective cleaning methods to the most carpets.
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