Starting a Clipping Service

Clipping service is no more new in market, this business is in and around since newspaper started rolling in. It's tedious for an individual or a company to gather all its media stats over the time, here everyone started looking for professionals to do this job. Though clipping business took birth a long back but it took a serious mode when internet came and it's growing over the time as the number of internet users are growing.

If you are considering the idea of setting up business, it will be best to start a clipping business.

Starting a business providing clipping services can be a very good idea considering that there are only a few individuals and companies that have ventured into buying a business that provides clipping services, media services and monitoring services. If you are interested to know how to start a clipping business and you are looking for helpful pointers on how to start a clipping services business, here are some of the things that you will find helpful when you are starting a clipping service business:

The services that you will provide

A press clipping service business accommodates individuals and business organizations that need to know the different information that are disseminated and come out about them in the press. As a provider of press clipping news services, you will track news publications like newspapers and magazines for news clipping about a particular business organization. You also scan other media like television, radio and the internet so you can provide more thorough clip services like media clipping and web clipping services. By providing audio clips and newspaper clipping services, video clipping service and online clipping service, you will allow your clipping service clients to analyze how they fare in press releases and in their information campaign.

Potential earnings from operating a clipping service businesses

The earnings that you will have from your start up business offering clipping service business marketing will actually depend on the type of services that you provide to your clients. By providing the customary press services clipping services, for example, you can charge your clients a monthly service fee that can range from as low as $100 to up to $300 in a month. This amount is not yet inclusive of the fee that your clipping service firm can charge for each set of clippings that you submit to your client. You will be able to charge more for your press services clipping services if you have already established yourself in the industry and you can already prove the worth of your clip service business home based. If you think that providing traditional clipping services is quite difficult, giving web clipping service can be a good option. Offering web clipping services is much easier but you will earn less from online clipping services particularly because a number of your online clipping service competitors are already offering free clipping services.


  • amrut said on May 20, 2010
    i would like to start Press clipping service article business
  • Kirana W. said on December 21, 2010
    I am living in Phuket, Thailand. I want to have my own business.And I think Clipping Service is the one that I am very interested.
  • Lynne said on May 23, 2012
    I living in silver creek mississippi and i want to have my own business and i think the clipping service will be on i am interested.
  • alwakil said on June 25, 2012
    I am from bangladesh, dhaka, I want to start clipping service business, I want to know how I will get clients, I mean from where and how I contact with clients. pls help me. thanks
  • tonderayi mukeredzi said on January 8, 2013
    Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. I am a journalist by profession and would be very interested in setting up my own media monitoring and news clipping business. how do i get on with it. Apart from what you have said does one need any special software. What is really required to set-up?
  • Nanette Huse said on October 29, 2013
    I would like to start a coupon clipping service and need to know how to start and where to buy the newspaper inserts so please can you help?
  • AWA MOSOH PRINCELY-PRIDE said on April 19, 2015
    I would like to create a clipping service but don't know how to start. i am from Cameroon
  • NITHYA PRIYA said on March 30, 2016


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