MySpace Layout Services Business

Do you have a suspicion you can actually make money by perking up Web pages of MySpace users? You might feel that way because you use MySpace yourself and you have the skill and the tools to brighten up Web pages.

Let your suspicion be confirmed by starting a MySpace layouting service. Our guide could help you clarify some of your questions on how to do it.

MySpace Layout Opportunities

Just as in starting any business, starting a MySpace Layout business should start with this simple question: what need exists out there? And so for anyone contemplating on this business, the starting point would be to determine what problem do MySpace users usually face.

MySpace offers Web layouts for free and many other sites offer free downloadable layouts too. The layouts are usually easy to set up but one can alter the layout to suit himself only up to a certain extent. As MySpace has become a tool for people, fan clubs, alumni groups, and businesses to advertise products, promote events and job openings, create business connections, increase popularity and fan base, the need for more flexibility to alter the layout arise in search for:

  • MySpace profile layout that is better than an average MySpace layout
  • A custom-made layout that looks exactly how the owner wants them (most often to suit his personality), and has functionalities according to his needs
  • MySpace account layout that stands out because of its interesting or unique layout, text, graphics, animation, and music video clips

MySpace Layout Equipment, Skill Need

There is no strict requirement in becoming a Web designer. Some Web designers hold a degree in Computer Science, others certificates on some formal training, and still others are self-taught, acquiring the skills as they learn to develop pages hands on. Basically, one has to have mastery in web development application like Dreamweaver. Of course, he must have the software and hardware for all these. One resource for Web application developers is BuildingWebApps at

Setting Service Price

One of the major decisions one has to make when starting MySpace layouting service is how to price a project. To determine a price it is important to answer the question: how complicated is the design being asked for? This will determine how much effort one should put into the project. One can charge either a flat rate for specific services or on a per-hour basis. Professional Web designers charge more than $100 to more than $200 per hour.

Flat rates are often recommended for starters, but as orders get complicated, per hour charging is recommended. This is to avoid hidden costs on the designer’s part in terms of more time spent on difficult projects. This situation arises either because the Web designer failed to assess the difficulty of the project correctly or the design specifications weren’t made sufficiently clear at the start.

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