Waste Management and Remediation Services

Green is in and so are services for waste management and remediation. While commercial-scale operations could cost millions to start, there are actually some businesses in line with garbage disposal and recycling that you can start as a home-based business.

Learn how you can operate small in this big-time industry.

The forecast for the waste management and remediation services sector is positive owning to a projected increase in the demand for waste collection, processing, disposal and remediation in the coming years. The growing interest for recycling is also adding to the demand for waste management and remediation services. Most of these services are provided by private entities or third parties.

If you are planning to enter into this business, you can engage in one of these general classifications of waste management services:

  • collection of solid waste, hazardous waste and other waste
  • treating and disposing hazardous and nonhazdous waste
  • designing and managing solid waste landfill
  • operating solid waste combustors and incinerators
  • providing remediation services
  • operating a materials recovery facility

This is a capital intensive business such that The North American Industry Classification System considers waste management and remediation concern with annual receipts of $12.5 millions as small. Waste management companies can generate sales of between $100,000 and $2.5 million; recycling companies, between $100,000 and $2.5 million; environmental remediation, $1 million and $10 million; septic tank cleaning and maintenance $100,000 and $2.5 million. But some of them can also be operated as home businesses. Those that can be operated with the least cost are home-based rubbish removal businesses, and some septic maintenance cleaning. A commercial-size recycling business is in the middle range.

Home-Based Rubbish Removal Businesses

This business of removing trash can be started at below $10,000. Payment for this service is by hour, truckload or according to a contract price. If by hour, the fee could reach up to around $40. The usual clients are real estate agents, property managers, and cleaners who need to move large amount of garbage from homes and buildings.

Septic Maintenance Cleaning

Septic tanks and systems need regular cleaning to prolong the life of a septic field. In this business, the usual customers are households and buildings. The fees to pump a septic tank is typically up to $300, but it could cost more than twice if there are additional work to be done to locate pumping access. This fee already includes the cost of disposing septage, but prices could vary by region.

Collecting Recyclables to Sell

For this business, the most valued capital would be ingenuity, aside of course from bins to collect recyclable items. One can launch this business (which is also a green campaign) in neighborhoods, in schools or in offices. Needed are receptacles where people can drop old newspapers and magazines, bottles, carton, toner cartridge, plastics and tin cans. Once a substantial amount of recyclable has been collected, this will be hauled to a recycling depot and sold for cash.


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