Starting BBQ Catering Service

Almost every barbecue lovers are hoping that their barbecues should taste good. They prefer that it should be prepared by BBQ makers which are known for their good tasting barbecues.

That is why if you think that your barbecue is great tasting you must now start your barbecue catering service.

How to Start a BBQ Catering Service

Try to research on the proper licenses and requirements you need to comply with before you should even start your BBQ catering service plans. This is important because this will help you be on the right track. This will help you avoid any impediments with the proper authorities when you are already operating your catering services. After this, decide when and what kind of barbecue you are going to offer your clients. Research on the right location in which you plan to set up your business. Most of the time, caterers would run their catering business at home because there, they can easily have access on the primary supplies they need for the barbecue catering business.

Menu Planning

Menu planning is easy for those who have a wide range of knowledge about barbecue making. But for beginners, it is a serious thing to do. But even if beginners, they are still capable of making and producing great tasting barbecues. All they need to do is to read manuals or some articles on how to make great barbecues and know the process and techniques. Beginners may seek advice from friends who are already expert in making barbecues. When you are already done with the menu planning, make a research on the individual dishes and the cost of it as well as the catering fee.

These things are important because your clients are interested on the price range you have for them as much as the taste of your barbecues. You should also make sure to specify the rate of catering services on different specific type of events. Also, make sure to include in your price the ingredients, the tools, equipment and the salaries of the employees, and other matters that should be included on the price you give your clients. This is to maintain and sustain the things you need in your business and to be able to last longer in this kind of business. Remember that the income you get from the barbecue catering service is being included in your capital so when you get an income you are also expanding your capital. And when there is a big capital, the business expands.

Equipment Needed

Large cooker, this is the equipment used to cook large number of food. This helps the caterer to make his job easier and makes sure that the food he cooks is well cooked and that it is tender and not hard to chew. Trucks and vans are used to deliver the food you cater. This is essential because it is not just used for the delivery of the food but it is also being used for the hauling of the things needed in the certain events that you are going to. Tables and chairs are also needed because in a catering service, they are included in the packages offered by the caterers. The eating utensils are also included. So make sure that these things are present when you start your catering business.


  • Roopak puri said on April 30, 2013
    Hi i am looking to start new business of mobile bar be que i.e. indian , chinese and mexican, need some advice how to start and what are the formalities and equipment suppliers
  • RAHUL TAMBE said on March 21, 2015
    i start new business,


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