Where to Find Day Laborers

The reality that there are many unemployed in the United States cannot be denied. And some of these out-of-work people try to find easy cash as day laborers.

There are many places around the country where one can find day laborers. Read on and learn where you can find them.

It is a reality that there are unemployed people in the United States and instead of waiting for the dole outs of government institutions, they collectively merge in one place of the town or city and there, wait for a day’s work to come to them. They are what we call day laborers. They are usually non-skilled workers who have no permanent jobs or have been out of a job for a long period of time. The usual connotations of day laborers is that they are mostly illegal immigrants who have no working papers to be employed and thus try to make cash through this means.

If one would ask where to find day laborers, the specific locations are many to mention. Yet, there are old ways and new ones on where to find day laborers. Below are two guides on how to find them in your neighborhood.

Merging Places

It is not uncommon to find day laborers in one’s town or city. These day laborers converge in one place and the crowd that they make is easy to spot and this place sooner or later become popular for those who are looking for a helping hand in their backyard works.

From the city of Akron, Ohio to Yonkers, New York, one can find places where day laborers converge and wait for work. As been mentioned earlier these places are many to name here, but one common, familiar place where they usually loiter and try to make a trade is near or in the parking lot of Home Depot stores. An obvious explanation as to why day laborers ply their services here is that customers of the store usually need a helping hand with whatever home project they have after buying materials.

Day Laborers Penetrates the Internet

As there are many works and freelancing jobs that one can find in the Internet, day laborers have also found a way to put up sites and there trade their labor. As of today, there are many day laborer websites that are in existence. One can find from the site where these day laborers wait for jobs and how much they ask for a day’s work.

There is only one question that arises from this proliferation of day laborer sites. Is it legal? Websites of day laborers per se is not illegal; but probably the day laborers waiting for a job in these sites are the ones who are illegal.


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