Starting a Health Care Staffing Business

Are you looking to establish a self-employment venture providing health care professionals to health care providers? There are several ways you can use this basic guide for your benefit.

Find out how to start this business that is highly opportune because of the high demand for health care providers nowadays.

Opportunity to Earn from Health Care Staffing Business

Health care professionals are highly sought after nowadays due to their dwindling number and the increase in demand for their services in recent years. Statistics predict a shortage of nurses and physicians in the coming years. Take advantage of that demand for health care professionals now by starting your own health care staffing business. You can put up your nursing agency registry business, supplemental staffing agency for medical professionals, permanent placement medical recruiter, and homecare and staffing pool business. Alternatively, you can become an independent healthcare contractor. You can earn $12,000 to $18,000 in recruiting fees for placing a nurse or imaging technician, and $20,000 to $30,000 for placing a pharmacist or physician, according to Medical and Nursing Guide.

Health Care Staff and Your Market

You can offer your staffing service to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living residences, schools, physician practices, and camps for health care provider. The personnel you can provide are home health aide, certified nurse aide, nurses, and therapists. These personnel could be paid on per diem basis. Professionals on hourly contract/temporary nurses could find the offer attractive as they can earn more money per hour than staff nurses. They also have the leeway to choose the facilities they want to work in, and the shifts and days they want to report for work.

Putting up Your Health Care Staffing Business

If you are putting up your health care staffing business on your own, you would have to provide a variety of benefits to nurses, usually based on the number of hours they work. These could include vacation pay, health insurance, sign-on bonuses, and retirement plans. You can also get a franchise for this kind of business for an investment of $50,000 to $59,999. Healthcare Staffing Solution offers this opportunity. It can provide you with front and back office suite, professionally designed and developed marketing materials, risk management/worker's compensation program, and others.

Resources for Starting Health Care Staffing Business

Just like any business, you would need to start with the basic if you plan to own a health care staffing business. You must create a business plan. For a comprehensive guide on how to go about the business, you can buy printed or electronic manuals or software to help you get started. They are widely available and can be bought online. The business plan will help you set targets and plan for the future of your enterprise.


  • Richard Peters said on June 29, 2009
    I am the owner of a Skilled construction staffing firm in South Florida. I am thinking of starting a home health care firm. What is needed to start?
  • rudy vilbrun said on October 28, 2009
    I already have a staffing agency license with the state of florida. The problem that I am facing is that I am new in this type of business. I am looking for strategic way to marketing my services and to provide staffing to facilities that needs staffing.
  • Wi said on November 4, 2009
    How did you go about getting the license. I just don't know where to start. To you have to have a Nursing License first?
  • joan arrey said on January 13, 2010
    i would like to open a staffing agency in maryland, hyattsville. what sorts of documents will i need and where can i get the staffing license???
  • Lisa Whichard said on March 3, 2010
    I want to start a home health staffing company in Greenville, NC, USA and i would like to know what does this business consist of.
  • Divine said on March 5, 2010
    I want to start a staffing agency in the DC metropolitan Area USA and wants to know how to go about the licensing and also wants to know what the business consist.
  • sukhi said on March 7, 2010
    I am illinois licensed registered nurse and wanted to start my own medical staffing business. how did i get state license? How much money need to start?
  • P. Reynoso said on May 26, 2010
    I really want to start a health care staffing business in Port Hueneme, California 93041
  • Marie said on May 28, 2010
    I am interested in starting a Home HealthCare Agency and I don't know where to start. Can you help me? Frederick MD or DC Metro Area
  • ilona said on June 17, 2010
    I am interested in starting a home health aide business in DC, Can you help me, what are the requirements, licensing etc
  • Raquel Cahatol said on August 17, 2010
    what are the requirements for starting a healthcare staffing, but not home health. Ex. of what I would like to start is physical therapist staffing? and where and how to get them?
  • Lillie Long said on September 1, 2010
    I am interested in starting a nure staffing agency in Houston, TX. Can you please provide me with start up information?
  • emmanuel chikwa said on November 13, 2010
    dayton, ohio, 45420. i am interested to start my own business.
  • AmP said on December 28, 2010
    I am an undergraduate nursing student, currently working as a home health aide. I want to start a medical staffing business, or even if I could work for myself, I would be the staff. Where do I start? I live in Daytona Beach Florida, Volusia County
  • sharmaine said on January 18, 2011
    I want to put up a staffing agency in Chicago Illinois.what are the documents needed to start it.
  • JC said on January 25, 2011
    I am looking to start a medical staffing agency...I have been through the process in FL with licensing etc..I am now in NY and cant seem to find the Licensing requirements for the state...any insight would be appreciated...
  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on March 2, 2011
    Good morning JC, New York is a very stressful State to deal with. Believe it or not, it is more stressful than AHCA in my opinion. I don't believe they are as organized as they should be. Some businesses do not need State Licensure from New York, for instance, Homemaker and Companion Agencies, they need State Licensure in Florida, yet, they don't in New York. Give us a call and we can discuss in detail your specific business and their requirements. Good Luck with your endeavor!

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on March 2, 2011
    Sharmaine and Lillie, good morning. Unfortunately, the health care business is very regulated and depending on the state you live in, you may or may not require State Licensure for a Staffing business. Our firm works with individuals such as yourselves to guide them through the process as hiring a knowledgeable consultant is the most common step to take. This is even recommended by most Regulating Agencies as they are understaffed and underpaid and they don't have the time to guide you through these processes. That is what Health Care Business Advisors is here to do, to help you. Good Luck with your endeavor!

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on March 2, 2011
    AMP, hello. In Florida, you do need to apply for State Licensure. We can definitely assist you through that process anywhere in the U.S. and U.S. territories. Our consultants are available Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. eastern standard time. Good Luck with your endeavor!

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • Joy Bel-Forbes said on March 17, 2011
    Brooklyn New York. I am planning to start a Home maker /Companion agency. Having difficultly navigating the system to obtain the proper paper work. Please help.
  • THABANI DUBE beginner adviser said on March 20, 2011
    Need to set up and own a medical staffing agency that will work in conjunction basically say with nursing, old age/retirement homes. For the advice sake anyone can contact me on the following numbers-: 0839933677 Or 0792540388. I'm based in Johannesburg Gauteng Province. R.S.A

    PH: 839933677

  • Angela Gomez said on August 15, 2011
    I am a recent graduate from the university of texas in business entrepreneurship. I am seeking to open my own medical staffing agency and was wondering if someone might be able to shed some light on this industry? You can reach at 210-438-7776. Best Wishes, Angela
  • Paul Eli Cesar said on September 9, 2011
    I am planning on starting a medical staffing and recruiting agency in Orlando, FL. could anybody tell me how to go about getting a license from the state. Every time I call the office in Tallahassee nobody is able to tell me where and how to go about applying for a license. I can be reached at 321 438 2369 or
  • Syed Ansari said on November 17, 2011
    which are the states in US that requires Healthcare Staffing Licenses? Thank You
  • sharon said on November 19, 2011
    HI I am based in Henderson NC and I am very interested in a medical staffing agency. I am very familiar with the medical field and know that this service is very much needed in my town and surrounding areas. please send me as much info you can to get my biz up and running. I am very anxious to explore this opportunity!!
  • Adrienne M. said on January 12, 2012
    Hi, I am interested in opening a medical staffing agency in the Charlotte, NC area. I need as much information as possible to assist me in my endeavor. Please send me information in regards to obtaining a license in NC and any other pertinent information I may need. Thank You.
  • Wendy & Rob Hancock said on January 12, 2012
    We are trying to find the information needed to guide us in opening a nurse staffing agency in north Florida. I am currently contracted through an agency as an LPN and want to open my own agency. I am in a great location for this as the closest office is 35 miles away and there are A LOT of correctional facilities in the surrounding area that use a lot of these services. I know I need a state license and a local business license, but I'm not sure whom I need to contact for these things. I also definitely need to figure out how to obtain a contract with the State of Florida Dept. of Corrections. Any advise and or pointers are greatly appreciated. North Florida.
  • Janet Crane said on February 3, 2012
    Hi, I want to get the next level of licensure in Maryland. The Residential Services (RSA) so I can offer in home care and provide personal care for my clients. This application is daunting and I was wondering if there are any license consultants that can help me complete it. Please advise, Janet
  • Judy Furlong said on March 26, 2012
    I am looking to open a Nurse Registry in Browrd County Florida. No medicare or medicaid. It is only private pay and billing Long Term Insurance. The aides are independent contractors. Do you provide consulting for this type of Home Health Aides
  • Dele said on April 9, 2012
    I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Please what do i need to setup a Residential Service Agency in maryland. i read through the requirements in which i am supposed to submit policy and procedure, employee manual and other documents. Please help. I have registered my company name already. Dele
  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on April 11, 2012

    @Dele, Feel free to give me a call. I can provide you with the complete process for a bundled fee. Ask for Lilian (305) 492-5308.

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • Rachel said on May 3, 2012
    I am trying to start a nursing agency in Georgia. I would like to provide supplemental staff to the hospitals and other health care facilities. I have seen several packages online but I would have to purchase like 3-4 packages to get the forms and templates needed. I am also I need of marketing strategies. Is there a package online or at a bookstore that I can purchase that has just about everything I need, if so what is the name of the package it how do I go about in getting the forms, templates and contracts that I need to assist with marketing my business. Thanks in advance
  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on May 7, 2012

    @Rachel, Hi Rachel, Unfortunately, there is no "Starting a Health Care Staffin for Dummies" approach to this project. It takes a lot of research and trial and error. This is why consultants are hired to get clients through the process. It avoids the research process and trial and error process which usually builds on the starting investment cost. You can definitely use Google for research, books on this subject matter and start from there hun.... If you need further assistance, give me a call and i'll gladly help you,

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • Tabitah said on May 22, 2012
    Hello, My name is Tabitah. I live in Bowie, MD. Please i need some information on how to start a health care staffing. what is my first step? Please any help / info would be EXTREMELY appreciated
  • shubh's said on August 3, 2012
    i m confuse .... that which business i have 2 start coz in service sector and specially in health care there are lots of money in market as well as people trust on health services most and all have its own importance. so i request you that plz give me the right path 2 become a successful entrepreneur........thank you sir.....
  • Lee Williams said on August 13, 2012
    I am looking to expand with my current client in the state of Virginia, I have called everyone I can find in virginia and cannot located someone that will tell me what to do to send healthcare workers to my client facilities in VA. I am already licensed in another state. Thank you for your help
  • Ouida King said on August 18, 2012
    I'm interested in starting up a Nursing Staffing agency in Greensboro NC, I'm looking for a silent partner. I have over 20 years experience in the staffing industry and startup. I'm interested in gaining contracts for RN, Lpn, CNA for per-diem staffing and contracts with hospitals.
  • Vishal dulgach said on September 10, 2012
    Hai. This is vishal from India. I want to start this business i have last 5 years experience i have lot of boys n girls for this job please tell me how i start this business. Thank u.
  • shela vd said on September 14, 2012
    Hi I'm Shela ,in a RN working in the hospital here in IL and Me and my friend wants to put up a nursing agency to supplement staff in different facilities . I want to have info about it, so many sites selling software and download online but I want to get the right info from the right person. Also I want info about bringing nurses here from different country if you can provide one. Thanks
  • Debbie said on November 16, 2012
    Hi, I am opening a outpatient physical therapy clinic in Illinois. Do I need to purchase a State Physical Therapy Business License if I am a lay person (not a licensed PT and/or PTA)?
  • Rhina said on December 6, 2012
    Hi, My boss asked me to search on how we can do business, to put up a physical therapy clinic. We are from Illinois. What are the process that we need to do first and what are the requirement we need to furnish in order for us to run a business. Thanks any suggestion will be much appreciated. Rhina
  • Tara beginner adviser said on December 27, 2012
    I started a healthcare staffing business in Florida and then worked as a consultant. It is very hard work and requires a lot of time and effort. The old saying "be your own boss, set your own schedule and love what you are doing..." is just that. You need to know about the needs of your customers and who your competitors are. Obtaining contracts with hospitals are not easy and if you are not prepared you could easily blow your chance of future contracts. || Health Care Staffing Business Consultant

  • Giri sharma said on January 21, 2013
    Chicago, IL-60601. Procedure to start " Homemaker/ Companion Agency"
  • Valerie Foresyth said on March 28, 2013
    Hello, I am a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida and I am very serious regarding starting a Homemaker/Companon Agency. I have done a little research and it seems all that is required is to have a nurse registry. I am currently a Director of Nursing for a long-term facility. I am ready to own my business and start a family business of success. Please give me additional information regarding the above. Thanks so much, Valerie Foresyth
  • Hazel chifamba said on April 16, 2013
    Hie i am a professional nurse. I wish to start a nursing home in Zimbabwe. I do not know where to begin and have no capital. If anyone can help please e-mail me at
  • Rita Chance said on April 18, 2013
    I have started the process of establishing a home health care business in Southern California. I will not be using licensed nurses, I will be recruiting home health care assistants only. They will be used as private contractors only. Do you have any advice? Thank you, Rita Chance
  • Barbara Campbell said on April 23, 2013
    can you help me to start my own health care staffing business in Riverside, CA 92504
  • Lisa said on April 26, 2013
    Las Vegas Nv. I just started a staffing agency but need help in gaining contracts from facilities here. Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated.
  • anthony weems said on May 28, 2013
    starting a nursing agency. But need a package deal with ALL forms needed to start the business ex payroll, competency forms, w-2 , irs, applications ect... i will hire only RNs and LPNs to begin. found one listed for 349.00, but wasnt complete with everything needed thanks so much anthony baltimore md. 410 999 7297
  • Elizabeth Rowand said on July 1, 2013
    I am a registered nurse looking to start my own nursing agency business in Houston, Texas and want some feedback on how to get the process started.
  • Carl said on July 8, 2013
    I am interested in starting my own medical staffing agency particularly Rn,Lpn,CNA staffing. My wife is an accountant and I am an Rn that is familiar with the related fields. I would like to know what the basic start-up costs would be and licensure for the state of NC. What resources should I seek out in order for me to be successful and make the most profits. thank you, Carl
  • Takia Manning said on July 24, 2013
    I'm interested in starting my own non-medical home care agency business in philadelphia, pa. I would like to know the steps on how to start the business up. Do u have any advice? Thank you.
  • Shamika said on August 15, 2013
    Looking to work as a independent nurse contractor I'm looking for some help getting started any advice that's helpful would be greatly appreciate , I'm currently work as a LPN I would also love to start a home care business but after I start as a independent nurse contractor in PA
  • Cherry said on October 22, 2013
    I have recently obtained my license for a nurse registry in the State of Florida. I am looking to do some in-home care, but also staff hospitals and nursing homes with RN's, LPN's, and CNA's as needed. I need some advice in the fees for various types of services and salary amounts, and marketing strategies. Any advice?
  • Dorothy said on November 5, 2013
    I would like to start a health care staffing business in North Carolina , can you please tell me what is needed and how do I start it. I have worked in the health field for thirty years , and now I want to have a little more freedom for myself .Do you know of any contacts or a mentor.Thanks
  • Henriette Milandu said on November 8, 2013
    Hello, I would like to start a nursing agency in ontario, Canada can you provide me with a nursing business plan. Thank you, or any advice will be good.
  • Emily Mworia said on November 12, 2013
    Hi, I would like to start a home-based care business in Nairobi, Kenya. Kindly advise me.
  • Jacqueline Kelly said on December 25, 2013
    I am located in West Texas an eagerly pursuing advice and direction regarding establishing a healthcare professional staffing business. Please feel free to contact me.
  • SANDRA CRADY said on January 9, 2014
    I am interested in starting a staffing business in Texas but where do I start?
  • samuel melles beginner adviser said on March 3, 2014
    I have consulting company called Health Matters. If anyone is interested in stating a HHC, nursing traveling agency in any state. let me know how I can help you. || Consultant

  • samuel melles beginner adviser said on March 3, 2014
    @SANDRA CRADY, good evening. I am in san Antonio, Texas. I believe I can help with staffing question you might have. her is my email. 2107488177 || Consultant

  • ANNE said on May 15, 2014
  • Valanda Avant said on July 24, 2014
    My name is Valanda, I am going to start my own homemaker service in the Chicago and surrounding South and west suburbs, I'm currently seeking info on how to get started !!! If there is anyone willing to share information with me it will b greatly appreciated, one thing I noticed being African Americans my own people do not wish to share information to afraid someone is going to be more successful than they are, so if there is anyone out there willing to share information with me so I can get my business started that is not a hater you can kindly email me at , I am not looking for a partner just information on steps to get started remember you never know who help you will need God bless you hope to hear from a sincere person who have a love for senior citizens and people with disabilities and want to see them with the best care possible!!!!
  • Gus said on August 3, 2014
    Hi I'm looking to start a staffing agency in South, Florida. What are the steps for this process.
  • MS Minja said on September 11, 2014
    Aim planning to start a Home Healthcare business in Tanzania East Africa, I know state regulations may be different but the basics start up strategies should be the same no matter which part of the world it will be carried. Please email me important tips, where should i start.
  • May Joe said on January 16, 2015
    I am from Ontario, Canada. Anyone here have experience with opening up Home Care in Ontario? I would love to start and I am looking for someone to help me with starting up this business. Thanks, May
  • Merelyne Charles said on March 8, 2015
    I live in Orlando, Fl and I wanted to start a non medical home care business and I'm not sure where to start. I have done some research, but they seem to be the same repeating information. Help please I'm not interested in joining a franchise which seems to be the other option.
  • Leslie said on March 9, 2015
    I live in Suffolk County,NY. I am interested in starting a healthcare agency hiring HHA, CNA's LPN, RN. What advice can you give me about the step by step, pros and cons etc. Thanks
  • D. Parker said on March 15, 2015
    Greetings, I am a Recruiting Consultant with over 8 years in Healthcare Staffing Industry experience. If you are looking to start up your own healthcare staffing agency look no further. From Operations through Sales and Recruitment I could have your business up and operational within 6 months. Please contact me directly to go over business plan and rates. Best Regards, D. Parker, Damita, 954-732-0244
  • Hellen .K said on April 5, 2015
    I am planning to start my medical staffing agency in Maryland. To recruit RN, CNA, NP , PA to meet hospital needs. What documents do I need ?
  • Christine said on June 4, 2015
    I need help in getting started in a non medical home care any body that has one started that can help and not beet around bush
  • Fred said on June 22, 2015
    I am looking to start a staffing agency for the Behavioral Health industry and need some information on that.
  • Lekishon said on July 4, 2015
    I am planning to start a Medical/healthcare staffing agency. I live in Orlando Florida, what do I need to do?
  • yodi said on July 29, 2015
    start up cna school in md to write letter of intent
  • Star Nursing said on September 7, 2015
    Anyone want to start a Healthcare Staffing Agency, with 100's of hospital contracts, please reply to We are looking for 25 branches to open up ASAP
  • Elliott said on September 18, 2015
    Interested in starting a staffing agency in Brooklyn, NY. How do I go about getting started?
  • Jawanna Washington said on October 6, 2015
    Interested in starting my own HHA and don't know where to start if you could help me I would greatly appreciate it
  • Raven cowan said on October 31, 2015
    Hi i was wondering if anyone knew how to go about starting a medical staffing agency in ohio
  • Nav said on January 20, 2016
    Hi, I am a registered Nurse in BC and I am interested in starting a nursing staffing business. Please where can I find information? Thanks
  • Sam said on March 10, 2016
    I need to start a staffing agency in baltimore. this staffing agency will provide DDA homes, group homes with care providers, and case managers. does anyone know what license i need before i start.
  • Rhi said on May 3, 2016
    HI looking for some assistance opening my own rehabilitation therapy staffing company in ohio. I need initial documents for my business as well as the independent contractors I am going to hire on a pay per visit basis to start? Really want to launch asap just needing a little help! Thank You in advance!!
  • Rhi said on May 3, 2016
    Any one interested in partnering or mentoring with me in cleveland ohio area i am open in speaking with you. I need someone with the therapist side of expertise. I have all human resources, finance, marketing business background! Hoping to hear back soon!
  • norma said on May 10, 2016
    I live in NY currently a register nurse with over 10 yrs of long term nursing experience would like to start my own nursing aid school please advise me on how to go about getting the licensure already have the space that can accommodate 30 student at a time.
  • Shade said on August 3, 2016
    I live in Baltimore and I have just started a nursing staffing agency but find it very difficult to get contract with the hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and other agencies. Please what should I do?
  • A. Maria said on November 16, 2016
    I am an RN w/home care experience and done lots of research to start a nurse registry in south Florida but would like to partner w/someone who is also interested....
  • Parth said on May 9, 2017
    @A. Maria, Hi please reach me at We are interested in starting a healthcare staffing business, we are in a similar business from 8 years may be we can help each other
  • Rachel said on April 18, 2019
    I am looking to start my own healthcare staffing agency business. And wanting to get some information on how to go about the process, such as getting the license and also how much money do you think I will need to get started?; I am not a RN and will not be using licensed nurse. I will only be recruiting caregivers such as,(CNA,HHA and PCA); and they will be use as a contractors only. Any important tips would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at the email address shown below here. I want to thank you so much for your time, and I hope to talk to you soon.


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