Start Your Own Poop-Scooping Business

Are you planning to start a poop scooping business but don�t know how and where to begin? Poop scooping business is a cheap business to start with but a profitable and enjoyable activity. Just set aside your pride and start with determination.

Many successful poop scooping businesses just started for just $200. Yes, you can do the same provided the business is not yet saturated in your area.

How to start

  • Make sure your family members agree with your plan to do a business like this, and that they are willing to cooperate.
  • Take a survey on the area where you want to have your business set-up. The survey should focus on pet population, accessibility of pet owners, competitors and their prices, and distance from your base.
  • Register your business in local County Clerk or in any Government Agency that issue business permit.
  • You must have a pick up truck or a van as a service. Other customers might want you to bring the waste back so you must be ready with this necessary tools and packaging materials. There are some cheap e-books that enumerate some tools used in poop scooping.
  • Now you have everything ready, time to look for customers. Have a printed business cards and flyers and visit all nearby Veterinary Clinics, Pet Hospitals, known Pet Owners, Breeders, and even pet shops and stores. These are the best places for you to offer your service.
  • An advertisement in a local pet magazine is a good way to have your business noticed by other people but do this only if you have extra money for advertising. Have a simple website and post all necessary information about your poop scooping business and join in local pet forums and blogs, and let people know that you are offering poop scooping business.
  • Make sure you know the county ordinance about home safety and pet-related policies.

Dealing with Customers

  • It is always exciting on the first day but you must be careful. You are dealing not only with pet owners but with pets as well. Make a good relationship with your customer and if possible, ask them to keep their pet locked or chained during your cleaning schedule.
  • Ask your customers for an easy and safe access to their premises during your cleaning schedule. There are a lot of cases where police rushed to customer�s house because a scooper unintentionally triggered the main gate�s alarm.
  • Your business is to clean so make sure you do it well. Excellent service means more customers. This is the life and blood of any business offering services.

The above steps are just a general idea but are very helpful to anyone who has interest in starting a poop scooping business. There are a lot of successful poop scooping businessmen who started with small investment and after several months, they are truly successful. This type of business requires no big amount to start. Only big heart, determination, and sincerity with down to earth attitude are all you need to bring this business into ripe fruition.


  • martin said on June 29, 2010
    i have been thinking for starting a poop-scooping business in CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, 62901, AMERICA
  • Alison Marie Thompson said on September 1, 2010
    This information is very useful. I had been thinking for a couple of months of starting a poop scooping business after I read an article a couple of months ago. I have decided that I will do it. i live in Wilton Manors, Florida which is in the Fort Lauderdale area.


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