Starting an Air Conditioning Installer Business

Calling all air conditioning repair technicians; it's time to stop making money for the boss and start putting your talents to work for you with your own air conditioning installation service and repair business. And if you are worried about job security and income: don't. Simply pre-market your service and build a customer base prior to leaving your job.

Starting an air conditioning installer business is easy if you are a technical person. And if you are not and your knowledge about air conditioning is limited, I suggest you should hire a highly-technical person to do the job for you. Remember that this business is service and you are expected to deliver the best customer service to compete with others.

If you are still on the planning phase, you must have a master plan. To start with, you must be prepared and you must understand the basics. Planning is one of the most important aspects of starting an air conditioning installer business.

A presentation package that outlines your abilities and special skills along with air conditioning repair and service rates is essential. Begin to circulate the package to potential clients, such as residential and commercial property management firms as well as directly to residential and commercial building owners. (Be careful to not court your current employer's customers. You could even become a service provider for your current employer someday. You may be surprised and encouraged by the results, since a small home based repair business such as this can really compete with larger firms, especially when it comes to service rates, product markup and service-response time.

Air conditioning has its very obvious advantages but there are times when it may be needed more than others. The reasons for this are because there are a lot more people than there would be in a house and there are a lot of bodies and machines generating heat as well. A hot and stuffy office can make everyone irritable and less likely to work so it is important to have a proper air conditioning system installed.

To ensure the longevity of your air conditioning installer business, you must consider the following simple tips.

  • As an installer, you must have a license and/or guarantee policy. You must also do more studies on air conditioning systems widely used in your area of coverage.
  • Ask your close friends and even your previous customers for more customer referrals. If your previous customers are satisfied with your service (before having your own business), they may help you announce your business to the locality. Always ask your how they feel about your service. This is very useful in evaluating your own performance.
  • Always provide special offer or free extra service if giving this could not your business that much. This is very helpful in building customers trust and keeping them stay with you as their regular installer or maintenance service.
  • Last but not the least, always consider your customer’s safety. You must be aware that air conditioners can be dangerous if not properly installed.


  • Siphiwe Ndala said on August 4, 2012
    I'm starting a air conditioning installer business in South Africa Pretoria Gauteng province. please provide me sufficient advises that I need. Thank you
  • Satish Mane said on February 27, 2013
    Sir, i am working as a technician of air condition, washing machine & refrigerator since last 10yrs, i want to start my own service center, location at kalyan(E)(Mumbai) INDIA, i would like to take a service center from any leading air conditioner & refrigerator company, Please let me know the estimate, & how it can be start as early as possible. Thanks, Mane Logistics prop: satish mane
  • swapnil korlekar said on March 9, 2013
    i want to start servicing and maintenance workshop in kopar khairane navi mumabi
  • surjeet kaur said on July 18, 2014
    Sir, U want to start my own business in air conditioning installer and repair. I lost my job. I have 7 year experience in this industry. Please help me how I can start. I bought my van and tolls ready.


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