How to Start a Body Piercing Business

Do you posses training in body piercing? Working in a body piercing shop and want to start your own body piercing business? Doubting whether you really can start that body piercing business?

Follow these few simple steps and get your body piercing business started. With a few simple steps, you can succeed.

Body piercing, as an art, has existed in various forms and even during earlier times. It stood as a symbol or an expression of rank or race. It is only during the 80’s did body piercing become a fashion statement. The advent of the 21st Century only made body piercing more popular and fashionable. Is it any wonder that numerous body piercing businesses have sprouted? If you are one of those that are interested in starting a body piercing business, then here are a few reminders to get you started.

The Basics in the Body Piercing Business

Training is the most important thing in any service oriented business. This is especially true in the body piercing business. Customer satisfaction is essential and providing quality and healthy body pierces is a must if you want to succeed in body piercing. Make sure you train under an experienced and reputable body piercer. Taking few courses in sanitation and safety precautions during surgeries is also a must. Following health and safety procedures may spell the success or failure of your body piercing business.

It also helps to take a crash course on how to manage a small business enterprise. Look into the local regulations that govern body piercing businesses. Apply for the necessary permits and licenses. You and your piercing staff may need to get a license from the local government or health inspector.

Materials for Your Body Piercing Business

Location is important. Considering that your market consists of people between 18 to 30 years old, you may want to find a location near a university or college. You can also place your body piercing business near other establishments that may draw people that are interested in body piercing. Collaborating with other businesses such as tattoo, parlor or jewelry stores may also lower your starting capital and draw more customers. Arrange your body piercing shop by having at least two absolutely private piercing areas. Display jewelry at the front of your shop and decorate to show the theme of your body piercing business to attract customers.

Investing in a good body piercing equipment is also a must. Make sure they are sterilized and that your staff follows appropriate hygienic procedures. Speaking of staff, hire at least two body piercers, male and female so that your customers will be comfortable no matter which part of the body they want to pierce. Also hire a person to be both receptionist and cashier.

Body piercing business is not that complicated. All you need is the proper skill and training to succeed. Also, the capital needed is not so much as it usually costs only under $2,000 to start your own body piercing business. I hope this article helped and good luck in starting your business.


  • melissa daley said on September 12, 2012
    i like to setup a Body piercing business what do i do?
  • william said on November 29, 2014
    I got my lic. an bloodborne I just want to know how to open my own little shop just for piercings an what all do I need an what can I do to get everything
  • Danielle said on March 1, 2016
    Me and my friend just want to be peircers in our own little shop and have some job experience.Do i need a sertain type of schooling or education requirements?


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