How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

When providing customer service, the most popular axiom which is very applicable and must always be followed is “the customer is always right”. You must have heard this millions of times, especially if you have been with a company that honors above all else the proper customer service. And you know that even if the customer is wrong and you are right, you have no power to contradict them in a rude way.

It sometimes becomes very irritating, so much so that you want to shout the customer right in his face, right?

Well then if it comes to that point wherein you are already tired of all your customers irritating whines, the only thing that you must focus on within that period is why you are in that situation in the first place. Finding a new job is one difficult job and getting fired just because you lost your patience with a customer will make you wish that you regret it in a long while. Thus, what you need are tips on how to provide excellent customer service and secure your job amidst all the whining customers.

Don’t Let Your Customer Feel That They Are Wrong

First, you must avoid making your customer feel that he is wrong and you are right, even if it is the truth. So when they call you for assistance, you must be gentle with your words and never ever make them feel like they are ignorant or they do not know anything at all. Remember that some customers are extra-sensitive so be careful with your words and your expressions.

Be Patient

Also, always be patient with them. Understand that most customers who are having a hard time getting their new or warranted product fixed will surely be in a bad mood. Keep in mind that your customer is not a devil’s advocate just because they are giving you a hard time. They are just acting out of anxiety and stress. Put your feet in their shoes. Just assist them and be numb with all the things that they might say to you. In the end, once you have helped them, some of them might say sorry for their behavior and thank you for your assistance. This will surely make you smile.

Always Listen

Take your time with them and listen to every word that they say. Even if what they are saying to you are wrong, listen. It does not mean that you have to agree with them all the time, just listen and give it your best shot when you open your mouth and tell them what to do. Never forget to say “please” in every statement that you make. If they are talking quickly and you can’t seem to follow them, kindly tell them to go slower, with a please in it. Like saying, “Take a breath for me there, please” and then put a little smile with your voice. Make it light, like you really mean it.

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    i want to improve my tutorial and day care service, my enrolls are getting lower every year. please, need assistance on what to do. best strategy, on marketing, on handling a customer, and how to increase enrolls.


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