Kona Ice Franchise

The Kona Ice franchise offers a mobile tropical flavored ice experience to interested entrepreneurs, popular among kids and adults everywhere.

The Kona Ice Company gives the feeling of tropical indulgence with its popular beach music and delicious flavored ice.

They offer warm and friendly hospitality to all their customers making a happy environment whenever they are around. The Kona Ice mission is to bring a fun and entertaining business experience through their Kona Ice vehicles, making profitable margins for their franchisees through the affordable franchise price and the rewarding experience.

What makes this franchise so attractive is the fact that you will be supplied with a fully equipped Kona Entertainment vehicle, full of all the necessary amenities and supplies you will need to create the Kona Ice Experience. Not only does that include a wide variety of tropical flavors but you are also open to create your own mixes and blends for your customers. Having the Kona Ice Entertainment vehicle with its tropical music in Bose sound will also save you plenty on those fees you spend on land rental and store upkeep.

The Kona Entertainment vehicle is 78 inches tall and large enough for up to three people yet it can be run and managed by a single person. It is equipped with 30 cubic feet freezer space for all the ice you will need, and several novelty ice cream treats. Other amenities included are the ice shaver and a wide variety of flavoring. The Flavorwave flavor stations allow for self-service to your customers wherein they will be able to experience an assortment of flavors and make their own blends as well.

The franchise offers interested applicants with the opportunity for success, in terms of scalability where in you are allowed multiple unite capability and absentee ownership, mobility because you will be services with the Kona entertainment vehicle which will have the ability to service to all major events in your vicinity such as fairs, sports games, tournaments, carnivals and others. The company offers for maximum profitability with at least single employee operation and low overhead and food costs. To top it off, you will be given protected territory and immediate branding and merchandising. The benefit of having a franchise is of course in the existing clientele, reputation and credibility of the brand name and company and with Kona Ice you are rest assured aces in all those factors. The Kona Ice Franchise is an interactive experience for children and adults.

Assistance in the franchise is offered through initial training with online and hotline assistance. There will also be regular newsletters and constant communication between the franchisor and the corresponding franchisees. With that the Kona team is interested in anyone and everyone willing to engage in a fulfilling franchise experience which involves bringing delicious shaved flavored ice to the public, through a happy and tropical environment.

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  • Ken said on November 28, 2012
    Interested in a mobile flavoured ice unit in maroochydore area ? what type of units do you have at what set up costs , what sort of turn over to your budget etc


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