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Big Apple Bagels has been the No.1 destination for many American consumers since it has started operations in 1993. Its unique taste and approach in its product has made it one of the most successful bakery franchises not only in the US but in other parts of the world.

It is also offering premium baked goods like bagels, muffins, breads and more that is always fresh and best-tasting.

Big Apple Bagels Inc is a national icon when it comes to complementary products such as bagels, breads, and muffins. As a retailer and distributor, each of the franchise has twice the opportunity for success compared to other bakery franchise in the US.

BAB is also one of the top complementary restaurant franchises that offer each franchisee a reasonable investment option. To know more about the company, follow the article below and see how you can be one of the hundreds who already benefitted with the unique business concept that Big Apple Bagels offers.

A typical Big Apple Bagels store may range from $254,300 to $379,600 depending on the franchise location and the size of the actual store. The amount does not cover the franchising fee of $25,000, which is relatively small compared to other restaurant franchises in the market today.

There is also an ongoing royalty fee of five percent, which will be deducted from the store’s annual revenue for a period of ten years. The term of agreement is renewal, which cost only $2,500.

Meanwhile, the training and other support needed for the start up operations of the franchise will be given at the company headquarters once you qualified. The support will include toll free hotlines, meetings, newsletters, security and safety procedure trainings, and field evaluation.

The company, on the other hand, will give you additional advantage by conducting different marketing strategies including ads slicks, television and radio advertisings, and other advertising options to let the people in your area know about your new store.

If you are an international franchisee, you will be required by the company to buy or own multiple units or acquire master licenses to maintain strong market presence in the chosen country. According to the company, at least 20 percent of all the BAB franchisees own more than one store. Absentee ownership is also allowed.

The business is also relatively easy to operate since only 15 employees are needed to run the daily operations of the franchise.

If you do not have previous knowledge in running a restaurant franchise, the company will teach you hands on about the “things to do” to ensure your success.

And lastly, the return of investment in one franchise of Big Apple Bagels is simple outstanding. In just a very short period of time, you can get back the initial investment cost and can even start another franchise under the company.


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