How to Start Blendz Franchise

Wanting to run your own food business without the hustle on building up its name? Then, franchising Blendz will sure to provide you with the business that you wanted from having an established name in the business, low capital investment, operational and management expertise and even training program for you to get the business started.

With over 320,000 franchises in the United States, Blendz is one of the known names in the industry of providing a menu of healthy items such as sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies and many others.

Staying true to being a fast food chain, one of the prides of Blendz is that aside from catering only nutritious foods, they serve food in real speedy manner. Hence, many on the go people preferred to spend time visiting Blendz rather than going in the laborious ritual of preparing food.

To start a Blendz franchise, initial investment or the franchise fee is $25,000. Total investment is estimated to be at $245,000 to $350,000 with $70,000 of liquid cash. For the on going cost, on the other hand, franchisees are required to pay a 6% royalty fee together with a 1% marketing fee of gross sales and an optional 3% cut on sale for local advertising.

Establishing a Blendz franchise entails a lot of benefits. Every franchisee is given with the company’s operational manual to secure consistency of their service. The operational manual consists of the how-to or the manner by which every task should be carried out appropriately.

The years of service that Blendz have had in the business, they make sure that every franchise will benefit on the reputation that they have built.

In terms of location, Blendz’s Real Estate Department will actively participate on the franchisee’s site selection. This will ensure that the site is suited for a food business especially in terms of the marketing aspect. Blendz store franchises sites averages to 1,200 to 1,400 square feet each.

Franchising Blendz does not necessarily require a restaurateur. Even without the experience in such line of business, any individual with the capacity to finance and manage the business is welcome to franchise and expand the Blendz family. The training program of Blendz will sure to fix things out in case there is a lack in managerial capabilities; they will have the assistance from the management experts of Blendz.

The training program takes place for about four and a half weeks. The training program is dynamic for it is comprised of the different approaches to learning. It includes both home study and classroom sessions.

Blendz does not provide or offer financing aid to those who wanted to franchise the business. However, there are other financial institutions should a franchisee need help on capital matters.


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