Mixstirs Franchise Opportunity

Mixstirs offers beverages, real fruit juices to be specific, that are directed towards to anyone especially to health conscious individuals.

The business requires little capital investment plus training assistance and even management support for the success of the franchise.

Franchising has been an open option for many businessmen to further increase their income potential with lesser risk. The only thing that is needed to assure is the stability or the performance of the business that is intended to franchise and the franchisee has indeed a good foundation to start the business. Some other things to look for before deciding to franchise is the reputation of the business and the support that will be available for franchisee after the deal has been closed.

To initiate the franchise, have the request form accomplished first to be examined by the company. Usually, this is followed by series of interview and talks for the arrangement of agreements. If everything went well and the deal was closed meeting the interests of each party, the franchise is ready to kick in.

Total investment needed to start a Mixstirs franchise is estimated to be between $88,100 and $197,500. Further, franchising fee is $25,000 with an on going royalty fee of 5% and a non renewable term of agreement. There is also a liquid capital required which is $30,000 and a net worth requirement of $50,000 to 250,000. Financing support is available through a third party should a franchisee fall short of the stated financial qualifications.

MixStirs do make real fruit juices especially for on the go individuals. Their juices are from real fresh fruits and are packed with vitamins and minerals. In most cases, Mixstirs site are on fitness centers where most people are health conscious and they do have full service location too.

There is no experience required in order to qualify as a franchisee. Mixstirs will be providing a complete training program that will equip the owner and the employees the right knowledge and skills. This is to assure that the franchise will be operating under the standards established by the company. More so, the training is also to make the franchise ready for its operation including the managing aspects of the business.

Mixstirs will be much involved in the necessities of the starting business. They will provide not only training but will also guide the franchise all through out including the selection of location, marketing, and with the grand opening. Site selection is essential especially that the kind of beverage that Mixstirs is offering is segmented or is pointing to those who are health conscious. This is not to tell that Mixstirs is for health buffs only but putting the business near to its target market will be a great help towards achieving a target sales.


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