Starting a Native New Yorker Franchise

Starting a Native New Yorker franchise is definitely an excellent choice for you who wish to be a successful entrepreneur. Just be dedicated and things will work well for you.

The Native New Yorker was founded by Floyd and Judy Anderson when they moved to Arizona after the blizzard of 1977.

Their Native New Yorker’s buffalo chicken wings recipe started to gain popularity in 1978 as they opened their restaurant which was a huge success soon after opening.

The Native New Yorker has been well known for 25 years for their famous Buffalo chicken wings for which it has received numerous awards and recognitions. The franchise of which will be an excellent choice for those who wish to engage themselves in a family and fun oriented business.

The Native New Yorker aims to give families and sports enthusiasts a unique dining experience. Their commitment is to family, fun and food and in their family themed restaurants, one will enjoy a warm sports and dining experience. To franchise such a company is a good call since family oriented fun is the perfect attraction to any locale.

Start-up Costs & Franchises Fees include the total investment of $734,350 - $1,983,100, a franchise fee of $50,000 and an ongoing royalty fee of 5%. The initial investment includes a comprehensive 6 week training program which will take place in Native New Yorker's main branch in Tempe, Arizona. The training will cover every aspect in restaurant management. Trained professionals and experts guide the franchise owner to market the business, operate the point of sale system, coordinate scheduling, manage in both administrative and financial aspects and to oversee over the kitchen and wait staff.

The unique training called the Jumpstart Program, is a pre-training program that goes through everything from applying for a local business license and obtaining your Federal Tax ID number, to competition research and the development of the grand opening target marketing campaign and ensures the pathway to a successful business.

The package includes but is not limited to: research and development into new products, administrative back up and support, on line bulletin boards, ongoing employee training, online download section, company newsletter, ongoing training seminars, national training conferences and menus based on current trends and market tolerance.

Site selection of the business is very important to ensure proper development. The average size of the Native New Yorker restaurants are approximately 5500 to 6500 sq. ft. with an additional patio of approximately 800 sq. ft. along with a fenced pad measuring approximately 10” X 20” located outside for additional storage. The radius is a minimum of 5 miles between stores.


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