Owning a Repicci's Italian Ice Franchise

Repicci's Italian Ice is a healthy alternative to ice cream since it has no fat, no dairy and no cholesterol. The franchise is very popular across the country.

Repicci's Italian Ice was born when Dominic Francesco Repicci, brought his family's Old World recipe for Italian Ice to South Philadelphia.

It is now managed by Dominic's grandson, Frank who has since opened a manufacturing plant in and founded the Repicci's Italian Ice company in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1998. The Italian Ice is now manufactured in Selmer Tennesse and Scottsdale Arizona and continues to grow as the demands for their products increase and has been franchising since 2005.

The franchise will give you protected territories to develop, and exclusive nationally recognized products and rights. Repicci’s Italian Ice has over 38 franchisees and distributors around the country. The company offers a variety of packages and the basic start up costs and franchise fees are $25,500-$391,700 for the total investment and $20,000-$30,000 for the initial franchise fee. The term of agreement is good for 10 years with a renewal fee of $2000.

The Repicci’s Franchise Team offers exclusive territories, training, field sales assistance, and continuous management consultation. Training and support is available at headquarters for 3 days and at the franchisee's location for 2 days. Business Operation may be from home and the numbers of employees needed to run a franchised unit are from 1-2. The qualifications include a net worth requirement of $50,000, a cash liquidity requirement of $20,000 - $30,000 and business experience which includes marketing and people skills.

The franchise will provide training, support, assistance and continuous management consultation for all franchise owners. Ongoing support is through newsletters, meetings, the toll-free phone lines, grand openings, internet, security and safety procedures field operations and evaluations and purchasing cooperatives while marketing support is through co-op advertising.

The family formula for Italian Ice has been served for more than 95 years, offering cholesterol, dairy and fat free products across the country. You may be interested in manufacturing your own Repicci's Italian ice or just selling the product. The “Repicci's Italian Ice” franchise program allows the opportunity to become involved with this in retail sales, a combination of retail sales & wholesale distribution or a regional manufacturing facility.


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