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Bar-B-Cutie is well known for its famous Baby Back Ribs and has been the world’s best barbeque since 1950. For almost 58 years into the business, it has since expanded from its main branch in Nashville Tennessee through the franchising.

The Bar-B-Cutie franchise consists of 4 different revenue streams, Dine in, take out, drive through and catering.

The franchisee friendly management team supplies continuous support along with a national store build out and equipment purchasing program, national architectural group to manage project and brand development 24/7.

The initial fee for a single franchise is $35,000 with an average total investment that ranges from $329,900 to $450,000 and the royalty fee is 5% of weekly gross sales. The term of agreement is ten years with a $5k renewal fee. Once you have decided to partake in the franchise, your training will be for 4 weeks minimum at multiple Bar-B-Cutie stores in the Nashville area, after which a team will be sent to your location to help you open your store. The company continues support by making follow-up compliance and support visits to your franchise throughout the year.

From construction to fitting your business it may take at least 90 days to up to 6 months, throughout which you will receive full support from the team. Single store franchise agreements are initially preferred since it allows you to concentrate on one business franchise at a time. Also, the franchise company does not choose the location and site of your business for you, rather approves of your requests and offers suggestions. It is advised that the business allotment is from 2400 to 3000 square feet, with a drive thru portion, so it is essential to make sure that plan include a drive thru window if possible.

Bar-B-Cutie franchise gives the unique business opportunity to food fanatics and business moguls alike. It is essential in any business to have at least a firm grasp on what it takes to run a business, such as business strategies, management and marketing and finance ideas. This is especially important since the franchise does not offer a business plan, rather guides you into creating one of your own making.

Following FTC guidelines, the franchise does not provide a business plan, therefore the franchisee will have to grow and develop his or her own. They can however offer you people to aid you with financing however you must contact them yourself. Bar-B-Cutie however, has the strongest track records in the financing industry so it will not be difficult consulting with a lender. Because of this it is best to first be able to review basic business management techniques that may be applicable to your business.

To participate in the franchise, the site requests that you fill out the online questionnaire. Upon receiving the online questionnaire, the Director of Franchise Development will evaluate it, answer your questions and contact you through expediting the franchise brochure and information package. You may communicate with this director either directly or indirectly as the company will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries with regards to the franchise and their business.


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