Become a Philly Pretzel Franchisee

Pretzels are popular among all Americans, ranking third among most preferred snacks.

From its early beginnings when the early settlers sold the pretzels to Native Americans, the pretzels industry has soared to become a $570 million per year industry.

The industry’s pioneers, Dan DiZio and Len Lehman, are Philly Pretzel’s founders. Hoping to share their pretzels and the success they reap from it, the partners created a team which is mainly composed of experts in marketing, financing, operations, and training to handle their Philly Pretzel franchising program. It was then in 2004 when this program was finally realized. The concept was unique: a local bakery in a setting suited for retail that primarily offers Philadelphia-style pretzels. To date, it has over 160 franchised units throughout the United States and is still further expanding to the East.

In Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 franchises for the year 2009, Philly Pretzel was ranked #480. Moreover, it ranked #63 in Fastest Growing Franchises for 2009. With this, becoming a Philly Pretzel franchisee is indeed inviting.

However, there are qualifications to meet to become a certified Philly Pretzel Franchisee. It requires its own potential franchisee to possess certain qualities: 1) entrepreneurial spirit and business sense, 2) has a desire for success; 3) must have the willingness to follow and comply with Philly Pretzel’s business model.

Franchisees should have at least $75,000 cash as start-up capital. The franchise fee costs around $25,000 and the royalty fee is about 6% of the ongoing revenue of the business. Moreover, franchise term agreements are only good for 10 years. After which, the franchisee has the choice to renew or not the agreement. All in all, the total investment for a Philly Pretzel franchise is estimated to be $187,400 to $346,000.

Here are the features a franchisee can anticipate from investing into a Philly Pretzel franchise:

  • Support and assistance (from the selection of location to the actual operation of the business)
  • Services (architectural – floor design, physical design of the business; construction management – assistance in selecting contractor, site inspections)
  • Training (intensive training program before and during the opening of the store).

Philly Pretzels provide a comprehensive training which lasts for five days in their corporate office located in Philadelphia. The training does not only consist of a classroom and instructional setting but as well as an on-site and hands-on experience in an actual running Philly Pretzels store. When your store becomes operational, the Philly Pretzels team provides continuous support by giving assistance especially at the store’s launch. Moreover, the team will, from time-to-time, conduct visits after the opening. The purpose of these visits is the provision of operations analysis, and marketing and business support. Also, a follow-up training regarding the operation of the store may also be given and conducted.

With the quality products, business expertise and good name, becoming a Philly Pretzel franchisee is a one sure step towards grasping entrepreneurial success. One would never go wrong in investing into this business. This is indeed franchising opportunity at its best!


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