Open an Amato's Franchise

The Amato’s Real Italian restaurant offers only the best of authentic Italian cuisine with the equally inviting Italian dining experience.

To cater to an expanding audience of Italian food lovers they have decided to set up a franchise to allow more people to take part in offering a unique dining experience to the country.

With the Amato’s Restaurant franchise the franchisee will benefit from only the best business model and strategy and all around support from their support staff. With over 100 years of experience in the food industry the franchisee will be given the unique opportunity to learn from only the best trainers and top chefs. The restaurant has two distinctive day part menu offerings which is the lunch of sandwiches and salads and the dinner menu of pasta and pizza.

The Amato’s Restaurant caters a wide variety of only the best and authentic Italian cuisine from restaurant lunches, to take-out, there is a convenient meal for all kinds of Italian food lovers. There is no real prerequisite necessary to impart in the franchise, just the willingness and motivation to learn the company’s unique business model. It is however a great advantage if you have previous business or restaurant experience. You may still want to partner with a professional restaurant manager in order to better educate yourself in the business.

Depending upon your financial situation, you should be able to finance 60-70% of your investment in cash. You will be given a ten year contract with two five year renewal options and the right to the use of trademarks and operating methods. They will help you with your site selection and it is important to remember that the preferred sites are those that have high residential and daytime density, high traffic and good visibility. It typically requires around 2500 square feet with a parking minimum of 25 spaces and front line minimum of 40 feet. It takes approximately around 4 to 6 months from securing a site and during the course of time you will be need to, prior to opening, select the site, obtain prototype building plans, negotiate and obtain the approval for the lease of the site, have the plans submitted for approval, complete construction of the building and training of the management and complete the rest of the promotion and marketing activities.

The six week training program at the headquarters of the Amato’s Restaurant will include support in site selection, the rights to trademarks and operating methods of the Amato’s Restaurant, onsite training assistance, a complete set of training materials and operation manuals, the advantage of using the established vendors and supply sources which have negotiated pricing benefits and the proprietary, which consists of the company’s trade secrets and recipes.

The total investment necessary to open an Amato’s franchise is around $380,000-$500,000, with an initial franchise fee of $25,000. The royalty fee for the franchise is 6% with no advertising fee necessary.


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