Start a Bear Rock Cafe Franchise

This article discusses Bear Rock Cafe as a good franchise opportunity. Moreover, this also provides a brief overview on the support one will get when he or she decides to start a Bear Rock Cafe.

The Bear Rock Cafe is an American restaurant with a simple operating concept which is food served quickly with quality.

Bear Rock Cafe restaurants emit an atmosphere that is cozy, warm and simple to the extent of providing reminiscence of Canadian houses. The menu provides for a variety of foods – delicious handcrafted sandwiches, hot, savory and sumptuous soups, garden freshness guaranteed salads, baked potatoes, oven-fresh breads and pastries and as well as top delectable desserts. All of these are coupled with warm, accommodating and guest-centered service team.

It was in the year 1997 when the first Bear Rock Cafe opened as a conventional sandwich shop and deli located in Raleigh, state of North Carolina. This opened as a 60-seater establishment. Four years later, the brains behind Bear Rock Cafe, Gary Bryant was able to sell the first franchised unit of Bear Rock Cafe. Because the first one has been a success, today, the shop was able to sell more franchises in more than 38 locations, not mentioning the other 150 already signed franchise and area development plans. To date, it operates a support center in its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. Bear Rock Cafe aims for further expansion throughout all states of the United States and plans to go international in Europe.

It is undeniable that the Bear Rock Cafe brand is among those brands that have been so fast growing. It would not be surprising that many would wonder what could be the reasons and factors that helped it grow its brand. Here are some of them: a committed team in charge of the facilitation in growth in the areas of restaurant operations, development, real estate, support services, training, accounting, marketing and advertising as well as a network of enthusiastic and driven franchise owners.

With the abovementioned, it is no denying that starting a Bear Rock Cafe offers an enticing franchise opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs. Who can say no to a tested and proven business model, freshness guaranteed ideas and a distinctive selling proposition? Indeed, Bear Rock Cafe franchise opportunity is compelling. Founded in the principle that “comfort food in a comfortable environment will never go out of style”, Bear Rock Cafe provides customers an opportunity for an taste of something more than that of the conventional fast food. Fresh food is a must. Emphasis is given on top quality products and a service that is outstanding. What it has is an evident passion for food and passion for the people who loves food.

If you desire to start a Bear Rock Cafe franchise in your chosen territory, you can be rest assured that the whole team is with you in the endeavor – site selection, training on management and operation, point-of-sale, training on guest relations and interaction, food preparation and marketing. From the opening to the actual operation of your own Bear Rock Cafe, have the peace of mind that the restaurant support center will help you and be there with you every step of the way.

In the end, you will only prove that starting a Bear Rock Cafe is the greatest and most rewarding decision you have ever made – that, all your hard work and commitment was all worth it.


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