Robeks Fruit Smoothies & Healthy Eats Franchise Information

Robeks Fruit Smoothies & Healthy Eats has been a successful business that has a knack of serving healthy food and natural fruit shakes that Americans found delight with.

Now, the business has grown and continues to grow by offering franchise to determined people who wants to share the product success!

With its humble beginnings more than 12 years ago, the flavorful and at the same time healthy food and beverage products of Robeks Fruit Smoothies & Healthy Eats has brought a mark on every American’s taste buds that brought amazing growth to the business. Children and adults alike have been enjoying the healthy array of sandwiches, gourmet pretzels, and the real fruity concoctions of juices and cold drinks.

Throughout every season, the stores of Robeks are always flocked by customers especially during summer. From serving sweet cold fruit drinks during its early years, the business has grown so fast because of its distinct brands of healthy food products that continue to grow. Since the government indorses healthy products in order for the Americans to have a healthy lifestyle especially with diet, the company has won the hearts of every individual in promoting and selling their brands. In 2001, the demand for their products from other States has finally given them the signal that franchising is now possible.

From 2001 up to present, Robeks have become one of the fastest franchises in the country and still growing. Most Americans believe that every corner must have something where you can have healthy food and drinks which can become the mission of the company itself. The company has successfully expanded in a countrywide scale and this is because of the active and healthy choices of consumers that really cherished the products they serve. The company continues to advertise and emphasize the healthy benefits of all their product selections that have touched more markets.

If you are planning to franchise a lucrative business which offers a fast-selling product with excellent benefit on customer’s health, then this is the time that you invest and start a franchise on Robeks Fruit Smoothies! Franchising is just easy having a range of investment within your reach partnered with your own dedication and drive for success in running it. Here are the franchising details:

  • For a single store, 2nd unit, the initial franchise fee would be $30,000.
  • A 25% discount on current fee can be availed.
  • For 3 individual stores to start, franchise fee would only be $65,000.
  • Investment range is $229,400 to $366,100.
  • 10 years agreement term with a two 5-year renewal options.

Start franchising now and be a part of the fast growing team of the healthiest and most delicious business!


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