Dippin' Dots Franchise Info

Dippin’ Dots “beaded’ ice cream is truly a unique treat for kids and adults giving them a more flavorful and more enjoyable way of eating this sweet dessert.

Because of this one-of-a-kind idea of serving ice cream, the product is loved and the company continues to grow ready to take the world!

Ice cream is a timeless cool desert that is loved by kids and adults alike. We usually wait for the ice cream trucks as a child and eat the typical ice cream flavors that we like in cones or sticks. But right now, people have been enjoying the unique ice cream treats from Dippin’ Dots. These are not your ordinary ice cream treats because of the unique way they are prepared and served. Anyone who has already experienced eating Dippin’ Dots will surely love it and crave for more!

If you know ice cream cones and ice cream sticks, now you will know why they are called ‘dots’. The main product which started the business is described as frozen ice cream in forms of dots that are more fun and cute to eat. This is a product of the chairman’s creativity and love for iced treats. More than 20 years ago, Mr. Curt Jones the chairman and founder of the company have developed a way to enjoy ice cream using his intelligence and knowledge as microbiologist. He pioneered the cryogenic encapsulation process in ice cream making which uses super-cold freezing. This resulted to the formation of dot ice creams which gave birth to the ice cream delights of Dippin’ Dots.

With the additional products such as ice cream dots delicacies such as Dot float, Dot sundae, Dot cake, and Dotwich (a delicious and appetizing ice cream dot sandwiches); no wonder, people keep coming back in their nearest Dippin’ Dots stores. The company also added sherbets and frozen yogurts as part of their products. The patented super-cold freezing has been the secret process that makes the products of this company. Aside from having a different appearance from the regular ice cream that we know, the process of super-cold freezing has been proven to lock-in the flavors of the ice creams created. This is a food innovation that truly brought the company to the success they are enjoying now.

The company has already established a name in the places where they are strategically located. Now, they are continuously growing with so many franchises around the country. With a product like this, it is not impossible for them to be ahead among their competitors in the ice cream industry. According to a research done by market experts, ice cream brands were slashed by Dippin’ Dots through performance in franchising. Dippin’ Dots are also popular during events and festivals, even parties and celebrations!

Dippin’ Dots is a sure win investment. They have the pride of originating the ice cream beads concept that has been recognized for two decades. They have clean and attractive stores and multiple product offerings that are definitely enjoyable. Dippin’ Dots franchise info includes initial franchise fee of $12,500 and the investment needed ranges from $69,500 to $214,800 with 5 years agreement term.


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