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What is Hot Stuff Foods and why is it a good business venture for you? Hot Stuff Foods is a leading fast-food chain that serves the nontraditional market. It is franchising business that occupies the number 81 position in the Top 500 franchises in the world, which makes it the best business venture for businessmen who want to have an unconventional business format.

Vital information such is starting costs and the whole business operation will also be discussed.

What is Hot Stuff Foods? The company is a small franchise unit that serves the nontraditional market and runs under a small workforce of four to six persons. Hot Stuff Foods is a top-class add-on fast-food restaurants, which can be classified as a top business venture in the quick-service, convenient stores.

One of the things you need to know is that Hot Stuff Foods does not allow absentee ownership. So, you’ll need to have all the required documents and qualification in order to buy a franchise. Buying an existing franchise gives you many advantages such as well-rounded team of experts working in the field, brand name, and logistics support.

How much is the total franchising cost? One Hot Stuff Franchise will cost a total of $43,900 to $98,500. It is relatively small cost compared to other franchises in the market. Another good thing about this kind of business is the market, it is serving. Since it serves the more unconventional market, you’ll be assured of a loyal costumer returns and people who do not want their fast-food served traditionally.

Another advantage of Hot Stuff Foods is its low ongoing royalty fee which only cost $1,000 annually, which will cover 10 years.

You can also have an option on what business you would put up whether you want to have the express or kiosk type store, Hot Stuff Foods is sure to give the profit margin that you projected.

The net worth requirement to put up a franchise is $100,000. But if you do not have the money or lacking in financing but you’re a qualified franchisee, you can avail of a third-party financing through Plus Solutions Group, Amtec Leasing.

The training and Support is already included in the franchising fee and will be conducted at the company headquarters. Meanwhile, the franchise advertising is separately financed using co-op advertising technique to lower the financial burden to all the franchisees of Hot Stuff Foods.

Here is the list of foods that the franchise offers: Hot Stuff Food On The Go and Hot Stuff Food Xpress, Stone Willy's Pizza Asian Creations and Nap Hendrix's Southern Grill, Hot Stuff Pizza, Summit Subs, Smash Hit Subs, Mean Gene's Burgers, Eddie Pepper's and a number of individual and bundled brands in various categories.

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