How to Open Big City Burrito Franchise

The Big city burrito opens its doors to the franchising world offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to cater gourmet burritos to the local community of their choice.

With Big City Burrito you are guaranteed freshly made food that has a vast variety of variants of the classic burrito.

There are several ingredients available that with such a wide selection of choices the Big City Burrito is sure to cater to everyone’s tastes. The fillings and sauces follow a traditional recipe that is seasoned with various secret spices and ingredients giving it a unique flavor that will make the customers come begging for more. Their mission is to turn hungry people into happy ones through great service, an inviting atmosphere and of course excellent food.

The Big City Burrito was first founded in 1994 and has been serving the happy burrito loving people of Fort Collins since. There currently ten franchises existing since it opened its doors to the franchising world in 2003 when it was led by George Lee who promised fast and fresh Mexican Food. The franchise is continually searching for applicants who are willing to establish their very own Big City Burrito franchise in their own local community, nationwide.

At Big City Burrito customers gets the option to choose from a variety of fillings, meats, sauces and other ingredients for the burrito of their choice therefore making this dining experience truly personal as the customer will get to create the meal he wants based on their specific food preferences.

To consider franchising for Big City burrito one need not an educational or experience based background in marketing or business management as the training will supply the essential information in which the franchise owner will be able to utilize as he or she runs the business. It is however recommended that interested applicants read up on the basics of the restaurant business and the management of such. Training is available at the headquarters to all franchise owners upon approval of the application. The Training continues through the opening of operations and there is also ongoing support that will be available for them as well. Considering this there is really nothing to worry about in terms of how you should run the business since it will all be taught to you by the franchise owners. The franchise package is also inclusive of aid in the selection and set up of the location for your establishment as well as all the small details you might want to consider in the set up of your restaurant. This of course is also depending on the budget you set aside not only for the franchise but also for additional expenses you may want to consider.

Consider however certain factors such as the necessary investment one must make with this particular type of food chain. There are no financing options available therefore if one is interested in considering a loan from a third party company this is allowed. Upon set up of the establishment the franchise owner will also get to benefit from the existing client base that the company possesses and this includes the advertisements in television, radio and local flyers, streamers and newspaper articles.


  • Ben Golemon said on June 12, 2013
    Port Charlotte Fl, beach community. Big city burrito is my favorite restaurant in the world! I would like to open one here in the future just looking for a little more info on the subject
  • luis trejo said on May 20, 2014
    Hi @Ben, Have you already opened your burrito place? Please write me at Luis Trejo, Head Chef, Tlacuani Project


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