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Dixie Lee Fried Chicken is a popular fast food chain that has several restaurants nationally and internationally making it an ideal franchise option.

The Fried Chicken Franchise restaurant originated in 1964 in Belleville Ontario and currently has around 25 outlets including locations such as New Brunswick, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia.

On July 21, 1988 Dixie Lee began selling franchises. The company has been in the food service industry for more than forty years and continues to serve the community delicious food of high quality and economical prices. Aside from serving its popular fried chicken, the restaurant also has a vast menu that includes nuggets, fish and chips and side dishes like French fries and coleslaw.
As a Dixie Lee’s franchise owner you will be entitled to the brand rights as well as operation of the establishment rights that will be in accordance with the Dixie Lee System. To apply you will need an initial franchise investment of $35,000 to $45,000 depending on the franchise agreement discussed as well as the location of the establishment. With this you will be entitled to training wherein you will learn the proven business concept and get to benefit from the established name of the company as well as an exclusive territory for your business. The franchiser will also provide the franchise owner with the necessary assistance at start up, an extensive initial training, analysis of site location, research and development results as well as online assistance and initial lease negotiation assistance. You will also be charge royalties which will provide technical assistance, research and development updates, and operational assistance, ongoing purchasing and marketing and technical assistance.

Applicants need not prior experience in the management of food establishments as they will be supplied with the best training information, all one needs is the motivation, the drive and determination to succeed and develop. You will be owning your own business and therefore in charge of everything under its roof, this of course is considering the initial franchise agreement that has been agreed upon. With this respect the Dixie Lee franchise Business serves as a very popular franchise option for entrepreneurs because of its established track record and clientele as well. The franchise also has regular ongoing support to meet with the customers demanding needs as well as other issues that may be affecting the overall business performance.

The Dixie Lee franchise business gives people the unique opportunity to experience working from a proven business model and established system and design. The company understands this respect as well as the fact that there is always an interest in gaining more knowledge. Thus the need to discuss and brainstorm on new improvements for the company in annual meetings, online support Forums, the newsletter and events is important to assess the details of each segment of the company. The franchise offers training until the first week of operation of your company and therefore gets the management and staff used to the environment first wreath.


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