Panera Bread Franchise

The Panera bread franchise specializes in cafe style bakeries which live long into the tradition of bringing fresh baked produce to neighborhoods and cities throughout the country, offering the unique opportunity of the business to any interested franchise applicant.

The Panera Bread Bakery goes through the long tradition of serving fresh, quality and artisan bread, daily to the local neighborhood populace.

There are several different kinds of baked breads served, from savory to sweet, all handcrafted artisan breads. Their menu also includes other delectable dishes such as salads, signature sandwiches and delicious soups. The Panera Bread Bakery has a warm and inviting cafe style environment that makes the customer feel right at home. The company also participates in several neighborhood programs and projects to assure the local community of the dedication and hard work that the company puts in not only its own restaurant, but in the local government itself.

The Panera Bread Company currently owns around 1,113 bakery style cafes under the Panera Bread and Saint Louis Bread Co, operates more than 700 establishments in 35 states in the Americas, either company owned or franchised. Its home base is currently located at Clayton Road Richmond Heights.

When it comes to franchising with Panera Bread, bear in mind that the franchise does not sell single units, therefore it is necessary for the franchise applicant to open more than just one cafe. This is because what the franchiser sells is the actual market location rather than the establishment. What is required is an average of 15 bakery cafes in 6 years.

The qualification criteria for an applicant of the Panera Bread Franchise are as follows, he or she should first have experience in multi-unit restaurant operation, have an average net worth of at least $7.5 million with liquid assets reaching $3 million. It is also an advantage if the applicant has recognition as a top restaurant operator, possess the necessary infrastructure and resources fit to meet the franchisors development schedule. Having real estate experience in the market is also an advantage and he or she should definitely have complete and total commitment to the development and success of the Panera Bread band with the cultural fit and passion for their main product, fresh bread.

If you feel you meet with the requirements and qualifications of a franchise applicant of the Panera Bread Franchise then you may contact them directly or through their online site for more information and the specifics on applying for the franchise. Available on their website is the franchise information overview which includes the amounts required for the initial investment and franchise fees, including training support and management. Complete the franchise request form which is also available on the site and the Panera Bread Support team will contact you immediately to arrange for a meeting to discuss the specifics. IF in fact you do not possess the necessary financing for the franchise then you may still discuss the other available options that are open for you.


  • Jen said on July 27, 2012
    I am very interested in opening up a Panera bread. Please send information. I would also like to add I love visiting/eating there. I have an enormous amount of confidence in the eatery, and a high value for customer service that goes along with making any business profitable and enjoyable for all who visit. Thanks so much, Jen
  • edward angelino said on September 6, 2013
  • Abdulrahman Alrashed said on August 5, 2014
    We are interested in developing Panera Bread in GCC starting with Riyadh as a prototype locations, then the rest of the area.
  • Jigna Dave said on October 15, 2014
    We are interested in developing Panera Brad on Rt 130 Central Jersey near Robinsville, NJ town. Please give us some info about Panera Bread Franchise.
  • Mohammad said on March 14, 2015
    Dear Sirs, I am looking to have franchise from Panera Bread in Saudi Arabia, can you send me your requirements. I appreciate your cooperation. Have a nice weekend. Mohammad
  • Majed said on March 20, 2015
    dear Sir or Madam, it is my pleasure to inform you that I have experienced your Panera Cafe on 10.Mar.2015 after being recommended by one of my American Friend who works for an American International Company as Director. At that time, we were driving from NY toward Boston for a business matter and on our way he advised me to try this great Panera Bread Café which was a great time with a great food. I ordered Chipotle Chicken Panini by chance and I found that Panera Bread Cafe menu have special tastes that will successfully be accepted by our culture in Saudi Arabia and Neighboring Countries.

    From that moment, I have seriously started to franchise you Panera Bread Café in my country Saudi Arabia as a start up and later to expose it to the entire Gulf of Arabia whom are experiencing a high raise on Cafe demand according to some international proven market web sites. Therefore, If you find this idea is acceptable you are kindly welcome to contact me and we can start our first kick off meeting over the phone or face to face meeting and try to understand your requirement how we can achieve it successfully.

    Again, Panera Cafe worth to be re-visited and this time I am sure will have my family to experience such great Panera Bread Cafe. Best wish, Majed
  • Nargiza said on January 4, 2016
    Dear Sirs, I am looking to have franchise from Panera Bread in Russia( St/Petersburg), can you send me requirements. I appreciate your cooperation. Nargiza.
  • AK said on March 1, 2018
    We're interested in opening a branch in Dhahran Camp Saudi Aramco
  • AKK said on April 20, 2019
    Need to open one in Cameroun. what are the requirements?


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