Subway Franchise Income

Food franchise such as the Subway franchise usually makes a considerable amount of income because of the credibility and reputation of the restaurant chain.

Subway is one of the largest restaurant chains in the country and is well recognized all around the world for its meals and service.

Subway serves fast and healthy food that includes easy preparing sandwiches which are made on the spot and in front of the customer every time giving them the option to customize their meals and orders any way they please. They specialize in submarine sandwiches, personal pizzas and salads and it is owned and operated by Doctor’sAssociates’, Inc. It is because of these that the franchise is a very attractive business option for interested entrepreneurs everywhere.

For those people that are interested in starting their own franchise, the restaurant type or food chain is usually the most popular option. There are several restaurant franchises there that are an extremely popular investment and one such food chain is the Subway franchise.

There is no clear figure on how much a Subway franchise owner makes as these amounts will depend mostly on the success of the overall business in terms of management, customer satisfaction, quality of service, quality of products and other factors that may be unique to the franchise branch alone. These factors vary because even if the franchise follows one general franchisor in its operation and business model, the management is never 100% the same. Not only that but the people involved in the business, its geographical and statistical location, proximity to certain areas and attractiveness to the target audience will all affect the overall profit the franchise owner makes.

To determine how much your Subway franchise income is, do the necessary finance and accounting processes on the business. Take the overall net income and apply the necessary deductions. These deductions include that of operations, maintenance, utility bills, salaries of employees, security, franchise costs and fees, advertising and other expenditures that the franchise has set for you. Rental of the location is also another deductible and the tax on the establishment should also be included. Once you have accumulated this amount you can compare the two and deduct it from the overall total, leaving you with your income amount.

This income amount is best tracked at a regular basis. It is a good idea to start tracking from day 1 and doing the necessary analysis monthly to compare progress between months of operations. Again, these figures will vary since there will always be extenuating circumstances that will either directly or indirectly affect the profits made by the franchise.


  • Peggy Dvorak said on August 1, 2012
    I am interested in starting a Subway shop in Sun Sites, AZ. It is a booming town and I know it would go very well there. What would it cost going in the door and since this would be a franchise owned by me, is the bottom line mine to keep or are there other areas I would need to spread the wealth? Pleas contact me ASAP. Thank You
  • rohit gupta said on August 6, 2012
    I'm interested in part of subway so please let me know whom to contact and process related to it for agra region contact 9953131312
  • manish singh said on August 3, 2013
    dear sir & mam, i've location in GV mall in Boring road Chawaraha In Patna. Area is around 2000 to 2500 Sq.ft.So i need all short of information about ur Franchise. so please send your details as soon as possible. thanks. with warm wishes manish singh


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