Owning A Western Sizzlin Franchise

Western Sizzlin is a popular restaurant that serves their specialty steak together with other entrees in a buffet style. The restaurant is known in all sides of the country.

That is why the company has to franchise their business to reach more locations who also want to try their tasty offerings.

Genuine steak is the best dinner meal there is. In a country where there are so many restaurants serving steak, it is hard to pick, which one is the best. But if you could only try the restaurants that are recommended by many customers because of their great tasting menus, surely, you can decide on which is the best. So far in the long years that steak has been around in the food business, one restaurant has remained standing strong with its trademark steak flavors and buffet restaurant set-up. That restaurant would be the Western Sizzlin Corporation.

It provides a nice home-style restaurant in buffet set-up. All of the food servings that they have available on their stations are straight from the oven and grills. The customers get to choose what they want to eat as it is prepared in front of them. Not only meals are served in buffet. You can also see deserts that are delicious-looking. All customers get to choose from all of the foods on the table at very reasonable prices.
Western Sizzlin is welcoming franchisees to invest in their business because they also need to grow towards different places nationwide. The steak restaurant ensures all the chances for the franchisee to be successful in this franchising opportunity. They will start by imparting the famous name Western Sizzlin to it franchisee so that they can also share the prestige as well as the financial success in the food business. Together with other franchise units, you will be labeled as a restaurant where customers can find quality customer service.

Within the contract that you have signed up for with the company, you will get the support you might need in every aspect of your business. The company is there for you to provide you with the needed business and restaurant training programs. It only shows that the skills and experience in the food business is not mandatory. You as well as your workers will undergo an intensive training under professionals in the food and beverage business. You will also be assisted by the company in choosing the location you want for your restaurant. Western Sizzlin has expert professionals who can assist you in weighing your options as to which location is the best for you. The design of your restaurant will also be made together with your inputs.

You can have all of these at very reasonable costs. Your total investment cost is for $1,061,000 up to $4,500,000. As you see, the cost is quite big but it is all worth the benefits you can get from the company. The investment that you have pooled for your business will be used for many expenses, including the franchising fee and the on-going royalty fee. The franchising fee is only for $30,000. It is the company’s charge on the franchisee for allowing them to have the rights of operating a business under the company’s name. The company also has the right over the 3% of your net profits. It is the company’s share in your earnings through the use of the company’s name and system.


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