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The Hooters franchise is a business all about chicken and theme sports bar. It has gained its international popularity since its first opening in 1983, with a lot of branches not only in the US, but also in other parts of the world.

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To be specific, the Hooters franchise has more than 375 store locations all over the United States. Moreover, the Hooters franchise is not limited to the just US. They also have branches in countries such as Austria, Canada, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and even as far as Taiwan and Singapore. The catch here is that of the many stores that Hooters has, only 118 are owned by the Hooters Corporation themselves.

Since its first opening in 1983, the concept of the Hooters chain remains to be quite simple. Over the last 20 years or so, it has incurred only a few numbers of significant changes. There were not much sizable changes in terms of their menu, the general atmosphere, and even the logo of a Hooters club location. The franchise locations can almost be considered as carbon copies of the original location. However, with the good food, good service personnel, and sufficiently good and enjoyable environment, this unchanging trend by the Hooters Corporation still maintains its effectiveness, especially in the eyes of the customers and the aspiring franchisees. This would be an advantage to the franchisees because they can be able to start things out with a design solution and a theme made in such a way that these things make the customers come back to their store.

Franchising within the territory of the United States is not feasible as of the moment. The reason for this is that the market where Hooters is working out is currently saturated, meaning the market concerning Hooters is already full and no vacancies exist as of now. The remaining opportunities for a Hooters franchise can be found outside of the United States. Specific countries where prospective franchisees can be able to get a franchise include New Zealand, Japan, Czech Republic, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, specific areas among others. We can find out more about the list of countries where a Hooters franchise opportunities can be found on the Hooters site. For locations which are not included in the list, aspiring franchisees would have to secure communication with the Hooters Corporation. This is because Hooters Corporation has not all countries as its top priorities, and it sets criteria for the location of a possible franchise, with a minimum requirement of 100,000 residents in the said location and a recommended level of about 500,000 residents. They set the location at a fixed radius of about five miles.

Other criteria that the Hooters Corporation is looking for are a minimum of 5 years in restaurant managing and operating experience, $3 million worth of liquid assets, and ability to develop and run at least three to five restaurants in the chosen location. The starting investment ranges from $800,000 to $1.5 million per restaurant, and the franchise fee is about $75000 per location.

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