Starting a Checkers Drive-In Restaurant

Do you want to be one of the proud owners of the largest double drive-thru chain of restaurants in the country? This guide will help you to start-up a Checkers Drive-In franchise restaurant.

Furthermore, it will also provide comprehensive steps on how to acquire a Checkers Drive-In Restaurant business license.

Founded in 1986, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. started in Mobile, Alabama. Later on, the company moved to Clearwater, Florida and settled their corporate headquarters today in Tampa, Florida. After growing to a chain of 85 restaurants in Southeastern states, Checkers merged with Rally’s and expanded their chain throughout the West and Midwest.

Startup Checkers Drive-In Restaurant

America is still a “Hamburger Nation,” and Checkers Drive-In Restaurants consistently serve the nation with famously seasoned fries and high-quality signature burgers. The brand evolved from a standard double drive-thru model into various footprint options depending on the market’s real estate availability and the franchisee’s financial standing.

Now, the restaurant expanded to 820 units with design flexibility, state-of-the-art training, valuable network, powerful marketing, and an experienced team to support it. An ideal franchise candidate has an entrepreneurial, executive business, or restaurant experience, although it’s not mandatory. It’s a plus, if you have strong ties to your desired market.

Checkers Drive-In Franchise Costs and Fees

In addition, financial requirement is an important consideration. As a prospective franchisee, you need to have $150,000 in liquidity and a minimum net worth amounting to $400,000 (this excludes your primary residence).

Checkers Drive-In Restaurant License

The application process of Checkers Drive-In Restaurant is designed to make sure that you’re happy with your new enterprise. So you need to complete the following steps before being awarded with a license:

1. Fill out the franchise candidate application online.

2. Wait for a franchise representative to contact you and discuss your qualifications and interest.

3. When you’re qualified, a Franchise Information Package will be mailed to you including the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document).

4. After submitting your application package and seeking approval, you will be subjected to an interview to discuss the business.

5. If interest continues, you’ll be invited to a “Discovery Day” – it’s done once a month so that prospective franchisees will learn more about the brand.

6. Upon approval of your qualifications, you will be notified for “Franchise Agreement” or “Development Agreement” signing.

7. After the signing, you will go through a site selection process and the company will walk you through it.

8. Construction will begin immediately after selecting your site. Due to Checkers Drive-In Restaurant’s staple designs, this process can be very fast.

9. While construction is underway, you will be scheduled for a four-week training program.

10. After training, construction, and building code approval, your doors can now open and you can begin a successful partnership with Checkers Drive-In Restaurant.

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