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Ben & Jerry's are expanding their franchise network across the country. They are seeking either a single-store or multi-unit operators to share in their growth. If you're interested in this franchise, simply follow the next steps and determine if your qualifications and experience will match for their consideration.

Since opening the first scoop shop in 1978, Ben & Jerry's have come long way after 30 years.

As of 2007, the number of scoop shops totaled to about 450 in North America (including Mexico, Canada, and majority in the U.S.). Then outside North America, there are roughly 240 shops.

Ben & Jerry's Franchise Store License

This business opportunity is a viable, fun, and personally rewarding one. Therefore, Ben & Jerry's Franchise has a comprehensive process to determine if this is right for you. Here are some specific steps:

1. Initial Phase

  • Upon receipt of inquiry, a representative will contact you.
  • An initial call and follow up call will be scheduled if you’re a qualified candidate.
  • Complete the application form and you will receive an FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document).
  • Your application will be reviewed to analyze your background and experience.
  • You will have the opportunity to visit any franchisee you choose and interview them.

2. Serious Phase

  • You will undergo an in-depth interview to discuss your business plans and strategy.
  • If your interest is still strong and if you fit the qualifications, then you’ll be invited to attend an upcoming Discovery Day, which will be held in Burlington, VT.

3. Final Phase

  • Attend Discovery day to meet the management team.
  • You will be notified of Ben & Jerry's decision within 48 hours if the franchise will be awarded to you.

Startup Cost for Ben & Jerry's Franchise

A strong credit history is needed to become a Ben & Jerry's franchisee. Initial fee is $32,000 but for a single store, you would need $350,000 minimum net worth where $80,000 should be liquid. Moreover, if you desire to have multiple units, you need $525,000 net worth where $120,000 is liquid. Also, it’s preferable that the franchisee has another source of income that can cover personal and business expenses during the business start-up phase.

Currently, the company does not offer financing. However, it has relationships with many preferred national lenders. Therefore, approval process can be easily expedited (about 2-3 weeks).

To become a franchisee of Ben & Jerry's, the average length of time is 30-45 days depending on the amount of time you chose to dedicate to the “discovery process.” After the Discovery Day, the approved candidates will have 30 days to enter into Preliminary or Development Agreement. Then, you could begin your location search. Finally, an approved site and signed franchise agreement would open your store in approximately four months. 


  • Amna khan said on October 31, 2012
    we are interested in a Ben & Jerry's Franchise for pakistan
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    We are interested in a Ben & Jerry's Franchise for India.
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    Hi. I am interested in having the franchise for andhra tamilnadu and Karnataka Kerala. Please let me know the procedure and like to have contact details.
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    Hi I am interested in Ben & Jerry's Franchise for india in indore
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    Hi, could you send me application form.
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    I want to open a Ben and jerry franchise in India. whom should I contact
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    I am interested for franchises in delhi ncr in india


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