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Cefiore is a frozen yogurt business that has been patronized by so many customers nationwide.

It is accepting franchisees that are passionate about starting a food and beverage business with Cefiore.

Yogurt somehow resembles the texture and taste of sour cream. The difference only is that yogurt is way healthier than sour cream. It is because sour cream contains more fats than yogurt. If you are not comfortable with the taste of a yogurt, you can actually find flavored ones that have varying level of sourness. Before you dig in to your yogurt serving, try to know more about what it is made of. Yogurt comes from animal’s milk. The mostly used milk for yogurt us that one from the cow. The milk is then curdled to create the taste and consistency that you can now see from the regular yogurt sold in the market.

Yogurt is actually good for your digestive system. Yogurt has microorganisms that aids in proper food digestion and absorption. That way you can easily flush out the toxins as well as fats away from your body. You can have it as a snack once or twice a day. But some people would love to have yogurt more than twice a day, which is just fine if you are not that mindful of its sour taste. Dietitians and nutritionists would advice you to take in yogurt daily as a part of your weight loss or weight maintenance program. This food is not heavy for your body but it can already make you full and healthy at the same time.

If your business idea is related to healthy food choices, then you can try selling yogurts. You can actually earn profits at this kind of business at very low cost if you would consider committing to a franchise opportunity. A franchise opportunity provides you a ready-made business system that can already help you start generating income in no time. But if you are going to choose from so many food businesses that provide healthy options, then you must go for the one that is trusted by so many customers over time. It may also help if you have had an experience as a customer in that food establishment. As for yogurts, there is no other businesses that can come at par with Cefiore, which is already a master business venture in frozen yogurts.

Cefiore is a leading Italian Yogurt business that was able to gather recognitions within its years of serving the people with their delectable yogurt choices. But aside from yogurts, they also prepare smoothies, snow ice, waffle, coffee, tea, and different exciting toppings. This franchising business is for you if you have had an experience in the food and beverage industry. You are more than welcome to apply for franchising if you are passionate in having your own Cefiore unit. The company is in search for a financially stable franchisee that have the needed skills in leading teams of people.

If you have all of the said qualities of an ideal franchisee of Cefiore then start saving up for your investment. You can already start a business with Cefiore by just having $196,500 up to $425,000 for your total investment cost. Your investment will go to the franchising fee and on-going royalty among others. The franchising fee is only for $20,000. It must be paid upon the signing of the agreement. The on-going royalty fee will cost you 3% of your net profits, which must be paid regularly on the agreed date. The contract that you have signed is only for five years. But you may still have it renewed if you feel it’s necessary.


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