How to Start Frozen Yogurt Business

With more and more people getting health conscious, yogurts are being a popular substitute to ice cream. Starting your own yogurt store needs to be run satisfactorily from the beginning—form getting a capital, choosing location, acquiring facilities and equipment, enhancing the product, to advertising and other tips on flourishing your own business.

Becoming a healthy substitute to ice cream, yogurt is a growing industry in the frozen desserts sector. Starting your own frozen yogurt business successfully is as tough as any other star-up businesses.

First thing to do is to perform a market analysis. Determine the status of yogurt and ice cream parlors in your area to have a picture on how are you going to run your own. Study their strategies and know their weaknesses and their strengths so that you know what business technique will click for you.

What follows is to make a business plan in line with your market analysis—decide on the structure of your business, know how your frozen yogurt business will operate, where your location will be and whom your target markets are.
On deciding for your business structure, ask yourself whether you are able to finance a new business solely, or should you just have a franchise or buy out an existing business.

Further, you need to have a near-to-perfect location for your store. Your location will influence greatly the volume of your customers. Mostly, frozen yogurt businesses are in malls, beaches or parks. Study the volume of people passing around the area and see if there are the chances that they will buy from you.

Next is acquiring the facilities and equipment. These may include a yogurt-dispensing freezer, an ice cream dispenser, a cash register and supplies like cones, cups, napkins, utensils and the likes. Mind also the hiring of employees and the expected income for the business, which will determine the capability of the business to break-even and earn profit.

Then, put your focus on the product. Assure that you have someone who knows just how the right taste of yogurt is. Work on the flavor offering and on the toppings you are to incorporate. It will always be an edge if you offer something that is new to customers to draw their attention on your business. Make sure also of your yogurt’s affordability. A low price with a satisfyingly good taste will definitely lure your target market to buy.

Consider also building a good relationship with your suppliers. For start-ups, choose a locally based supplier that sells at a lower price to pull your selling price down too.

After all these, have a marketing and advertising plan to execute for your business. Remember that this type of business is in a seasonal basis so you really need to make the most out of it while it is in its peak season. Have a name and logo that will introduce your business. You may hire a professional marketing firm to help you out on promoting your business.


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