Paciugo Italian Gelato Franchise Info

Paciugo Italian Gelato is the best Italian gelato making company where you can establish a franchising commitment with.

For you to pass as a franchisee, you must be able to possess the necessary qualifications and requirements asked by the company.

There is another chance for people who want to stay slim and still enjoy the heavenly taste of frozen dairy products. Many would really crave for ice cream for almost every day. But daily cravings for ice cream could also lead to daily weight gain. There is no fixed guarantee up to how much weight you can gain for every serving of ice cream. That is why this alternative in refreshing snacks would really interest you. Now, you can already enjoy the same refreshing feeling of eating ice cream with a serving of gelato.

Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream. Just like that best loved dairy product, gelato is also made of ingredients similar to that of ice cream. You can count on tasting milk, sugars, cream, fruits, and nuts. But what sets it apart from ice cream is its nutritional value. For your information, gelato is a better choice than ice cream for the health conscious people out there. Why is that so? You are getting the same exciting flavorful tastes of ice cream at the same time, remain healthy and slender. Gelato contains lower percentage of almost everything of ice cream. Gelato has lower sugar, butter, and many others. So if you want to enjoy eating frozen dairy products but still remain sexy, try indulging for a gelato. But remember, take it on moderation.

This food business is very interesting to tackle. Many people are desert lovers. That is why you don’t have to worry about the customers coming in your store if ever you decide on pursuing a gelato business. Also, you are contributing to the wellness and satisfaction of your customers. You are providing a healthier food choice for them at very great tastes. Thus, it is easier for you to establish rapport towards your clients, which eventually can lead to more clients and popularity.

If this business interests you already, then it’s about time to look for the best company to commit with for a franchising opportunity. Franchising is very recommendable because it is more inexpensive than starting a business from the difficult start. The best company to partner with is Paciugo Italian Gelato. Nothing compares to the expertise of Italians in making gelatos. That is why you must stick with a company that has the skill in making gelatos running through their veins.

Paciugo Italian Gelato is in need of a franchisee that is financially stable. The company may require you to present your proofs of your liquefied cash to check if you are indeed financially stable. Your liquefied cash must be at least $80,000. You will be approved by the company if they found you to be equipped with a general business experience. It would even help them to decide in your favor if they find you to have the necessary marketing skills. And the best of all, you must be friendly towards your customers to encourage them to go back again in your store.

Once you are declared as their franchisee, you will be signing up for their offered contract, which is valid only for ten years. It may still be renewed once it expires. In the contract, you are oriented that you will need to invest $183,700 to $462,000. You must also pay the company $30,000 for their charge for the franchising fee. Regularly, you will be asked to remit 4.5% of your net profits for the company’s charge for the on-going royalty.


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