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Passport Health is a leading medical services provider all over the world. It is in need of a franchisee that is experienced in the business industry and financially stable.

Global warming has brought about various illnesses all over the world.

The frequent climate change that we experience no matter where we are is a major contributing factor in the spread of different illnesses and diseases that have caused numerous deaths. Recently, countries have been taking precautionary measures in order to protect their people from being infected by diseases such as H1N1, Avian Influenza, Meningococcemia, and many more. One of the usual steps that countries undertake for protection is by consulting health experts on the best way to detect, prevent, and cure these illnesses effectively. Passport Health Inc. has been an active company that provides its clients with different travel medical services that are always in tune with the current technologies.

Passport Health prioritizes the dissemination of information among the people, especially the travelers that go out of the country. International travelers have greater chance of being contaminated with the viruses that are prevalent in another country. That is primarily the reason why Passport Health provides them with counseling and medical services such as vaccines for protection. With these goals in mind, Passport Health has made strong partnerships between other medical service companies who also have the same goals with them. This way there is a solid movement of people towards fighting the illnesses that are becoming great threats to the human population all over the world.

This kind of business has a strong anchorage in the economy. Many are becoming more conscious and aware of their health. That is why the medical services and counseling provided by Passport Health has become a valuable tool for the people, especially those that travel around the world on a regular basis, regardless of the different spreading viruses and diseases everywhere.

Knowing the favorable status of medical services companies at this time, you can start a Passport Health franchise at such affordable costs compared to starting up a business from scratch. Franchisees are needed nationwide and in other locations outside United States such as Canada, Asia, Central America, South America, Mexico, and Western Europe. With just $63,500 to $166,500 as investment, you can already operate your own Passport Health franchise unit. It is then divided to different expenses within the business upon signing a franchising contract with the company. The first if all expenses is the franchising fee, which is only for $25,000 to $100,000. As stated in the contract, you are also to give 7% to 5% of your business’ net income to the company for the royalty fee. Your royalty fee must be paid regularly as agreed in the contract. The contract is valid for ten years only. If you still want to have more time of business with the company, you are welcome to renew it.

For you to qualify as a Passport Health franchisee, you must be experienced in different basic business transactions to ensure that you can handle the business operations well enough. The company also wants a franchisee that can strictly go by the rules and is committed to uphold the company’s mission, vision, and quality policy at all times. Also, a franchisee must be financially secured, which may be seen in his net worth and liquid cash. Your net worth must be at least $76,000 up to $150,000. As for your liquefied cash, it must reach a minimum amount of $50,000.


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