How to Start Grout Medic Franchise

Grout Medic is one of the leading companies in the cleaning and restoration of the grout and tile industry. The business consists of highly trained professionals that use only the most advanced technologies in the field.

Obtaining a franchise with this company will ensure not only profit but also business independence and national support.

Grout Medic consists of a team of highly trained professionals, skilled in the leaning and restoration of grout and tile. Their high end service and Advanced Vapor Steam technologies ensure safe, effective and environmentally safe results to all restorations. The company's certified technicians have received only the best training to ensure only the most superior results. It is considered the most professional and advanced company in its field.

As an established business model, Grout Medic provides each franchise owner with a powerful buying power from the franchise owner which insures that the supply costs are low but at the same time profitably high. The franchise owner will impart in only the best training programs in the industry to quality education in regards to ample knowledge regarding the franchise.

The company consists of several prime territories and is still currently expanding their franchise family. You can contact them to see if the territory of your choice is available, and to learn more about the Grout Medic franchise.

The Grout Medic is partner to other well known service providers such as Perma Glaze® and Laticrete Grout® which means that the company is associated and linked to only the best is the field, which also aids in the drive of customer referrals within the country.

The industry continues to increase in popularity especially since the replacement of grout and tile is extremely expensive. Restoration and cleaning of such is a cheaper alternative, and who better to call than Grout Medic! Grout Medic also reduces the need for complete renovation, and is most of the time called for not only by residents of the home but also those that wish to prepare one for sale. Grout Medic training includes the Technical Training as well as the Business Training.

Upon avail of the grout Medic franchise package, you will receive equipment, tools, forms, documents and shirts. The Initial Franchise Package consists of the proper training, tools and equipment, prime territories and marketing support to name a few. Tiered royalty model differs from many franchise opportunities that take between 18 and 36 months to become profitable since Grout Medic franchisees are profitable within the first 30 days of business.

The franchise fee is amounting to $13,800 - $23,700. The total investment that you need will be about $21,300 - $65,050.

For the qualifications, net worth of $20,000 is required and $20,000 of cash liquidity is required as well.


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